Akiros' Trials

Akiros keeps to a steady pace, and soon enough the passage branches again, but in three directions.

Akiros' keen sight picks out a faint arrow, scratched into the ceiling, and pointing down the center path.

Without breaking stride, Akiros follows the arrow. I think I get it. Find the way out of the labyrinth, huh? I can handle that. But let's play it safe. As the path splits, he draws his sword and cuts a slash across the ground. As he walks into the center path, he cuts another slash into the dirt, marking the path as one he's taken in case he's misreading the signs and has to come back through.

He keeps his pace steady, and keeps his eyes open. Now that he's found a pattern forming, he's ready to move freely through this labyrinth.
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 20)
Looking for the markers the next time the path splits, he presses onwards.

Oh that is too funny. The guy behind you(who, incidentally, has passed you somehow) obliterated the arrow pointing in this direction for anyone else. You've re-established it.

Akiros follows the path pointed out to him, the walls becoming rougher as he walks along. Again he comes to a branching of three ways, with a faint arrow indicating the right-most direction pointing the way.

Akiros follows the arrow again, making his marks in case he has to find his way out in a hurry
Or in case someone else is coming behind me and needs markers :P
.... As always, he
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 20)
keeps his eyes open for more arrows at the path junctions.

The passage walls have become rough and are seemingly unworked. The silence is almost deafening, until ahead you hear a faint scream, followed by a dull meaty thump. Then dead silence.

Akiros draws his sword and runs ahead, as fast as he can move in the bulky armor. Finally something he can confront!

Admirable... the only one(so far) to run to the screamer's aid. Unfortunately: [
Dice Roll: 1d20+1z
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 5)
Reflex Save (5)]

Akiros rounds a sharp twist in the passage... and stumbles over the lip of a deep pit. Another scream pierces the silence, one that sounds like your own voice. Gravity takes hold, and you begin to drop.

The bracelet begins to glow... loosening the grip of gravity. You hear a meaty thud, but your feet touch down as light as a feather as you slowly drift to the bottom of the bit. A red mark glows on the pendant, but by its light you can see a staircase that leads up beyond the pit.

"Damn! That certainly wasn't a point in my favor." He looks at the stair case for a moment, and then looks at the side of the pit. For a brief moment, he considers climbing up the side from where he fell and trying again, but decides against it, figuring the armor would weigh him down too much.

Before actually ascending the stairs, though, he realizes that the sound of the scream and the thud matched his own fate pretty well. He
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 6)
looks around for anyone else who might have fallen into this pit.


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