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Who do you want to see Tanged the most? (TAKE 2)
Kurushi - N24 Lazar (Manufactured Berserker) 1 33.33%
Zell - Jimmy Saint (Prodigy Berserker) 0 0%
Kolar - Maxwell Skells (NeoSpartan Pointman) 0 0%
Mishra - Maksim Chmerkovskiy (NeoSpartan AT Tactician) 2 66.67%

Ok, so that's 2 votes (Mishra)->Kurushi, one abstain... that's 50% already.

Ok then... Ekman has indicated he has no opinion other than to steer clear of RadicalD... Meaning we now have 2 votes Kurushi, 2 Abstains.. and one vote in the air. That's 66% in favor of Kurushi's N24 getting dissolved into LCL in the near future.

Don't care, went with Kaworu to break tie.

Says there's 1-1, Lazar/Maksim

Mishra is out of the running because he's taken too long and fallen out of contact, so my vote for him is void and I am counting myself in favor of Kurushi's N24 Lazar. I think that makes it 3 votes Kurishi, 2 abstains, for a majority vote? Or 2 votes Kurushi, 3 abstains?


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