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First - Meeting with the pilots to discuss various issues.
Second - Meeting with the head honcho's to discuss budget allocations etc (i'll be working as a representative for the pilots, so they'll voice their idea's to me in the previous meeting and then i'll try to balance it all practically, etc.).
Third - Synch tests after the meeting so that we're prepared in case of another situation.
I'm putting up an IC thread for you momentarily, but which will have the order of events shuffled around a bit. You'll still be able to get the pilot's input though, just in a rather different format.

Late that week/early next week - setting up a training regiment, most likely training everyone in BS/WS whichever is their preferred means of attack. And depending on the results, setting it up so that the training is at least once a month - until I see drastic improvements in their teamwork.
You can certainly encourage the pilots to train their combat abilities but they still get to choose their own weekly advancement rolls.

Bah... Hmm, I suppose that is what Absolute order is for. "That last battle was horrible, this week we train!"
"But, I have a math final," "That doesnt really interest me," "Im scared of guns," "I believe my time is better spent with other training," "Sweet, I get to practice stabbing things and I get time off from school!?"
"Sir!" xD

Okay, my weekly preparations - I decided I wanted to do them away from the main IC thread because I want it to be a surprise. Anyway, I'd like to Collaborate with the Magi or whoever handles the eva training sim's. First I'd like to see what is available and then i'd like to tell them what im interested in doing and trying to assist in these endeavors because eventually I will get the team to train together - this I swear! *Chuckle*

Okay rolls will be done here, everything else will be done in the IC thread - I just figured i'd explain what im trying to accomplish.
Fellowship 40 + 10 Nerv Personnel + 20 Routine
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 75

Poo, looks like the terrorist attack took the wind out of my sails ; ; No one showed up for the social and everyone's kind of stressed the following week making it hard to get other preparations done as well as socialize in a natural environment. I would have meet this one too since I was going to take simple Fellowship but then realized that I wouldn't have enough marker lights to be of use against the enemy so I requisitioned a second instead.
Tech-Use: Intelligence 50 + 10 Foresight + 20 Routine
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 80

- - Ouch... Well at least I met the other one, good thing I took time to get the bonuses...

Well my plan was to help develop a simulation to prepare the pilots for sudden surprises. My basic theory was, okay we know the angels are very mental creatures and even our AT fields aren't total protection from their effects as well as having very active, unpredictable and fluid physiology which means that the possibility of an enemy who can morph it's appearance via physically or mentally wasn't out of the realms of probability. And what are the most likely things the enemy will transform into, 1) surroundings to entrap the enemy (2) The enemies form (an Eva) to Surprise and confuse the enemy as they begin to mistrust one another (3) Something personal (family members - loved ones - etc) to the enemy to not only surprise the enemy but lower their defenses - but this one is under the assumption that these things can read and understand our thoughts.

Basically, it was going to be an exercise where the enemy appears as one thing, but then continues to change throughout the battle as it tries to pick off all the pilots. But without a success with fellowship, I think I likely only managed to hit a few key points in developing the scenario and set up the script for the programmers. This will likely take more time.

Interesting. I'll try to work this in to a plot session at some point, although just between you and me this might not happen until after the 2nd Angel battle.

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Interesting. I'll try to work this in to a plot session at some point, although just between you and me this might not happen until after the 2nd Angel battle.
No problem, I figured this kind of programming etc would be a long developing project so that's not a problem - hell I could even make it an Intelligence growth objective etc and use it as the mental training method (Develop tactics - consider scenarios etc) and once I finally have the number of successes needed to raise intellect it could be implemented...

As long as the holograms dont become real like star trek or something... - - Oh crap, I better not have just accidentally invented the second angel. The Angel of Paranoia and fear! xD The more you think, the deadlier it becomes! Okay, silliness over time for turkey!

Okay, apparently the VR department does not like Johann... *Chuckle*
Social - Fellowship 40 + 10 Nerv Personnel (+ 20 Routine?)
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 82

Tech-Use - Intelligence 50 + 10 Foresight (+ 20 Routine?)
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 26

Just a little heads up. If you check the Resource thread, you will find that you do in fact have a Test and Prototype units of the C and D-Type Equipment.


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