N24 (Entofor) "Lazar"

N24 (Entofor) "Lazar"

Name: N24 (Entofor) Lazar
Nationality: Grown and raised in England
Background/Career Path: Manufactured/Berserker
Age/Gender: 15/Male

Character Sheet
Weapon Skill: 40
Ballistic Skill: 31
Strength: 29 (SB -1)
Toughness: 34
Agility: 35
Intelligence: 34
Perception: 31
Willpower: 29
Fellowship: 31
Synch Rate: 58

Wounds: 13/13
Fate Points: 3/3 (+1 conditional, driven)

Trained Skills
Lip Reading
Speak Language (English)

Background Traits
Embraced Expendability
Manufactured aware of their situation consider themselves expendable, and do not fear death. All manufactured begin play with the Resistance (Fear) Talent.
Mental Conditioning
Various forms of subliminal messaging and indoctrination have been used to make you an obedient pilot. You must pass a difficult (-10) Willpower Test to disobey any direct order given to you in combat by members of the organization that created you.
You were batch grown, and there are copies of you that can be readied as your replacement with ease. When burning a fate point to survive, there is a 50% chance that the Fate Point is not burnt.
Warped Mind
Your brain, while designed to be capable of Synchronizing with an Eva, lacks the flexibility of a normal humans. You take a -5 penalty to Willpower.

You character refuses to surrender, even in the face of adversity. Your character gains a conditional Fate Point that may only be spent in situations to overcome incredible odds or when refusing to back down from a superior enemy. This conditional fate point may never be burnt, and must be announced as being used specifically as opposed to the characters normal pool of Fate Points.
* = 200 xp
Uncanny Luck
Your character has a surprisingly good record of having chance go their way when it seems like they should have failed. Your character is considered to be trained in the ‘Gamble’ skill, and once per session may choose to modify any single, already rolled skill check by rolling 2d10 and subtracting the resulting total from their roll.
* = 100 xp

Your sense of self worth is overly influenced by the opinions of others. Choose one person. If their opinion of you is ever negative, take a -10 to all rolls for 1d5 hours and choose a new person to become dependent on.
* +200 xp
Treat your Strength Bonus as 1 lower than it really is.
* +100 xp

Career Advances
AT Power (Deflective Field)
AT Power (Neutralize)

Skill Proficiency (Medical)
Skill Proficiency (Lip Reading)

Melee Weapon Training (General)
Weapon Upgrade
Resistance (Fear)

Characteristic Increase [Simple] - Weapon Skill = 100 xp
Characteristic Increase [Simple] - Synch Ratio = 100 xp

Biological Upgrade 1 = 100 xp
Biological Upgrade 2 = 100 xp

Skill Proficiency (Awareness) = 100 xp
Ghost in the Machine = 200 xp
Basic Weapon Training (General) = 100 xp
Melee Weapon Training (Progressive) = 100 xp

Sound Constitution 1 = 50 xp
Sound Constitution 2 = 50 xp

Experience Points
Spent / Earned 1300/1300

Ego Barrier: 100%
Insanity Points: 0

Plug suit (2 AP - covers Body, Legs and Arms), Nerv ID, Nerv Cell-phone

Evangelion Sheet
Towering above the structures of man, this creation stands wearing dull grey, sectioned armor, like that of a pill bug with sharper angles. Throughout the creature's mail there are paths of glowing blue, perpendicular to the lines between the plates.
Though slightly off, with it's eight-head figure, Unit 07 possesses an otherworldly grace. Whether intended or not, is unknown however, as it's creator died during initial testing of the monster. The faceplate seems a cross between knightly English and Japanese values, and those almost-edged flowing lines continue throughout the rest of the design.
Evangelion Unit 07 (Dull Gray/Neon Blue)

Movement: 6/12/18/36

Weapon Skill: 55
Ballistic Skill: 46
Strength: 30
Toughness: 47
Agility: 35

Prog. Knife [1d5+6 R, Pen 3, Progressive]
Pallet Gun [Basic, Range 30, RoF S/-/3, 1d10 I, Pen 0, Clip 6, Rld: 1 Full, Inaccurate, Unreliable]

Current Synch Ratio: 53%
ATS: 0 / 5

Distinquishing Features

Your EVA seems to have a split personality, and you can't help but feel as though one of the two personalities present is a bit more recent then the other. Most disturbingly, everyone you try to talk to about this mystery simply dismisses your concerns out of hand. Gain one additional positive Soul trait instead.
Twin Soul
Your EVA is host to a new development in ceramic armour, the forerunner to the next wave of ablative technology. Or so they say. In reality, your armour is uncannily fragile, and prone to breakage. The first time each EVA body part takes damage each combat, reduce its AP by one until the EVA is repaired. If one limb is damaged, the corresponding opposite limb also immediately takes this penalty as the armor automatically 'rebalances' itself.
You aren’t entirely sure where this EVA was designed, because it doesn’t seem to match any other you’ve seen. The lines are flowing, the form elegant, and its function smooth. If you didn’t know better you’d almost swear it was a work of art instead of a weapon of mass destruction.
Your EVA seems to work subtly differently to all the others, and is kept much more secure than the rest. You’re not entirely sure why this is so, but you’ve overheard mutterings about ‘pattern blue’ and some kind of engine. What you do know is that your EVA is capable of adapting its AT field almost instinctively, and has a +1 bonus to ATS. This does not give you any corresponding bonus to your Synch Ratio, which in fact paradoxically drops 5 points due to the difficulties of synchronization that don't seem to plague any of the other pilots...
Pattern Blue
Your EVA is possessed of an incredibly strong soul, and it is all you can do to keep it restrained during combat. When you begin to lose control, you can feel it retaliating, trying to crush your own will into subordination. Whenever your EVA rolls to Berserk, you take 1d5+1 Ego damage regardless of success or failure.
Mighty Soul
Inside the entry plug, while everything else is quiet, you swear that you can hear the sound of... someone crying on the very edge of your hearing. Sometimes you even think that it sounds almost like you. While this is understandably unnerving, it also creates a very strong emotional resonance that has led you to feel unnaturally protective of your EVA on a deep level. While piloting your EVA, your AT Field strength always counts as one point higher for the purposes of AT Deflection rolls only.

Wounds Chart
01-10 Head (2) 4/4
11-20 Right Arm (2) 6/6
21-30 Left arm (2) 6/6
31-70 Body (4) 11/11
71-85 Left leg (2) 6/6
86-00 Right leg (2) 6/6

Biological Upgrade Points / Spent
Eva Toughness 1 = 1 BUP
Eva Toughness 2 = 1 BUP

Structural Upgrade Points / Spent

Weapon Upgrade Points / Spent

Character Status
N24 "Entofor" Lazar Character Sheet

Wounds 13/13
Umbilical Disconnected
Status On Standby
Battery 5/5
Fatigue Level 0/3 (no change to Tests)
Insanity Points 0 (no Trauma modifier)
Ego Barrier 100%
Current SR 53% (Eva operates normally)
Fate Points 3/3
Driven Fate 1/*

Dodge - 18%
Parry - 55%
Deflection - 0%

EVA Unit 07's Status
AT Field 0 / 7 (No Spread)
Location (AP) Wounds
Head      (2) 4/4
Right Arm (2) 6/6
Left arm  (2) 6/6
Body      (4) 11/11
Left leg  (2) 6/6
Right leg (2) 6/6
Equipped Weapon: Pallet Gun [Basic, 30 dm, S/-/3, 1d10i, Pen 0, Clip 6, Rld: 1Full, Inaccurate, Unreliable]
Condition: 6/6 shots remaining, (no effects)

Wing Loadout:
Right [Knife Dock - Mk. 1 Prog Knife (normal)]
Left [Empty]

Eva accent rules:

stress_count = start_count = 0;
num_unstressed = 0;
long_word = 0;

if (word.num_syllables <= 3){
  num_unstressed = word.num_syllables;
  num_unstressed = word.num_syllables / 2.0;
  long_word = 1;

for (i = 0; i < word.length; i++){
  if (stress_count == num_unstressed){
    word[i] = stress;
    stress_count = 0;

  if (start_count) stress_count++;

  if (long_word){
    if (i == 1){
      word[i] = stress; start_count = 1;
    if (i == 0){
      word[i] = stress; start_count = 1;

    if (i == word.length - 1) word[i] = unstress;

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