Battle 2: The Angel of Illumination


Chloe O'Rourke

Chloe isn't sure what to do. She sees all it's bizarre glory, flying there, like a twisted monstrosity. From the radio chatter and smoke, it had messed up the UN Fleet something fierce. She was scared...both at the monster or Angel, but also at herself for not caring more. People had died...and all she could really think about was how much faster it was than the last time.

How monstrous...

She remembered what the techs had told her, to plug herself in before she ran out of battery power. So she made sure to do that first. She was looking at the waves, or at least, trying to see what they were. But they weren't there, as strong as they were before. The EVA felt different too...bigger, like it was sitting on the back of her brain, almost pushing it out through her nose. Gods, she hated this feeling.

Looking over at the Angel, she started wondering if it was actually flying, or if it was levitating, or if it was some as yet ridiculously undiscovered power of the AT field (what everyone had told her the waves were called) that it did. Terrifying!

>> Battle Map <<
Barbiel's AT Field Deflection - 110%

Captain Fittz, MAGI's analysis is complete. Unfortunately we are unable to pinpoint as exact a scientific explanation for Barbiel's capacities in the fields of movement and attack as with Zuriel, but rest assured that the levels of mass-energy conversion required for it's present activities is well beyond the output of the most advanced thermonuclear reactor in humanity's possession. There is good news, however. We know why all of our attacks have failed. Due to its immense output, Barbiel's Absolute Territory Field's density is slightly beyond the theorized Mose-Grant Territory Cohesion Threshold.

In short, unless some way is found to neutralize the AT Field, it is theoretically impossible for any solid material or cohesive microwave pulse, no matter the net kinetic or heat forces applied, to actually harm the Angel. We have finally had a minor breakthrough and are able to assess the exact coefficient at work in the Mose-Grant Equation, proving once and for all tha--
Bradley snarled at his phone and slammed it into the receiver, then galred up at the MAGI's gently glowing one-eyed speechbot. "MAGI, we'll analyze the scientific results later. Get to the point, man!"

Of course Doctor Taylor. We have tabulated our findings and will display the pragmatic deflection results of Barbiel's AT Field throughout the battle. Currently, the Angel is at a 110% deflection probability. In this state, it simply cannot be harmed with any weapon at our disposal.

"The pilots have no choice but to neutralize then. With regards to the Launch failure from Unit 13's deployment rig, we've decided that the problem probably isn't with the network couplings. It could be a virus or some other software problem. We don't have communications with the Pilot and her Unit doesn't seem to be getting any CommandNET inputs, so Renny is completely blind up there. My staff has the loadmaster of the Eva Carrier on the line and is talking him through the steps of fixing the problem... we just don't quite know what the problem is.

Captain, I'm worried that we might have been the target of sabotage.

Before Doctor Taylor's words can fully sink in around the shocked Command Section, Barbiel turned in the air in response to the descent of the Evangelions to the battlefield, temporarily giving up it's pursuit of the furiously-jinking UN Strike fighters. The Angel soared directly towards the source of the most powerful AT Field in the vicinity... Unit 07. With a swift blinking polarity switch of it's central eye, a brilliant ray of energy lanced out at the grey Evangelion. Unit 07's powerful AT barrier sprang to life and quickly halted the beam of incandescent light... for about one second. Then the AT Field inexplicably melted away, laying bare the Evangelion to the monstrously powerful attack. In one second the beam had done it's damage and the attack was over... Unit 07 lay struggling on it's back in a molten puddle of armor, gore, and cybernetic components which had once been it's left leg. The limb had been completely vaporized by the shot.

15 = Barbiel
12 = Jack <==
10 = N24 Lazar <== [STUNNED, test for Feedback as well as Toughness from impact damage in the plug.]
6 = Operations Director <==
5 = Amanda <==
3 = Chloe <==

?? = Renny
OD Don't forget that the Strike Wings need to move no slower then 10 decameters every turn to stay in the air. That's 10 actual squares, this being a movement rate. I moved Vyper and Python for you to compensate, assuming they would maintain a left-ward loop in an effort to keep Barbiel tracking around the western islet.

Pilots I moved Chloe and Amanda to the Support Stations so that they could fulfill their desired actions.

Mobile Support Stations have 40 dm of cable, which I have decided shall be measured in weapon range measurement to make it a legitimate hindrance. That means you have 8 spaces of movement in any direction away from your designated Station before you either need to eject your cable or stop moving. The three of you who have plugged in have had colored tokens placed next to your applicable Mobile Support Stations to help us remember.

Still no word from Mask_De_H.

I thought I already calculated the weeping trait... With a SR of 53, that's ATS of 5, +1 for Pattern Blue, +1 for Weeping gives a total of 7 ATS. Unless I'm not counting something...

Also, I'm guessing the plugsuit doesn't protect against the falling damage?

As Unit 07 crashes to the ground, the creature screams out in pain, while the blue lines on it's armor once again flash red. Within the entry plug, Lazar's alien voice screams out a single word in defiance, "HaTe!!"

As his eyes, a bright, burning, blood red, bore into the angel before him.


Jack sees the new Eva get de-limbed (once more) by the Angel in one of his peripheral-camera 1990's monitors. "Oh, man. That sucks." Jack says, as if that helps. He moves forward towards the wounded Eva, stopping when the umbilical cable pulls taut, and then remembers to raise his AT field.

Renny Mac:


"Alright, who's been dicking with Trixie?" Renny grunts outside of herself, extending her will into the beast's.

"Yeah, this is all sorts of wrong here," Renton says, his soul floating around and through the Eva's systems. Displays flicker and go on the fritz, dumping junk data on the MAGI. The gestalt souls rip through to the heart of the Eva and back into themselves. Just to be safe, Renny gives the console one good whack and it boots up normally.

"Foolish fools, meddling with things they know not of."

"Like Dad's code?"

"Yeah," Renny pouts, "But that doesn't sound as cool." Unit 13 rumbles out of the launch bay like someone who just got out of bed; Renny casually surveying the massive fustercluck that is quickly becoming NERV-ANKH standard procedure. She shrugs with her Eva and dashes forth towards the Angel, AT-Field flickering to life.

"You know the drill, right Renny?"

She waves Renton away. "Yeah, yeah: blah blah mustn't run away, blah blah AT-Field online, blah blah what horrible way is thing going to go wrong blah blah."

Chloe O'Rourke

Chloe lets out a small shriek when she sees what happened to the new pilot. So scary, and the way it punched through the AT field was incredible, like it wasn't even there! The beast's waves just seemed to converge upon the EVA's and obliterate, like tsunamis pounding the dunes to dust. How was she going to beat that monster?!

This was it, then, she was going to get chopped to bits...or evaporated...or something. Unless she did something...she was going to need to try and stop the monster before it could do what it did. From what she had saw, it depended on it's own strength to overwhelm the AT maybe...just maybe, if she could turn it's AT field off.

That's it...she pushed deep within herself and spread out her AT field fully...looking to see what she could do. It would undoubtedly make her a target...and she sort of planned on it. She looked at the monster, focusing intently on it's waves, studying their power so she could shut them down. She only had one shot.

Status Sheet
Wounds: 9/9
Fatigue Level: 0/3
Insanity Points: 0
Ego Barrier: 100%
Current Synch Ratio: 82% (Reroll 1 WS or BS test/session. -10 to resist feedback)
Fate Points: 2/2
Innovative Asset: 1/*

AT Field Spread: 8/8 (Full Spread)

Wounds Chart
01-10 Head (3) 4/4
11-20 Right Arm (3) 6/6
21-30 Left arm (3) 6/6
31-70 Body (5) 11/11
71-85 Left leg (3) 6/6
86-00 Right leg (3) 6/6

Equipped Weapon: None

Wing Loadout:
Right: Progressive Knife
Left: Pallet Gun [Basic, Range 30, RoF S/-/3, 1d10 I, Pen 0, Clip 6, Rld: 1Full, Inccurate, Unreliable]

Weapon Rack: Empty


"Sabotage?" As if they didnt have enough to worry about he thinks with a sigh. "Not much we can do about it now but roll with the punches and investigate this matter if we survive." Johann adds gripping his hand slightly.

"Viper, Python keep your distance for now - we'll call you in if we drop the enemies shields or need you to re-arm."

"Kirishima, clear all crew and air unit's from your deck's immediately I need you to move to the following coordinates and bridge the island strait."

"Amanda, new plan - the scenario has changed, that site's elevational overlook is useless and our weapons will continue to be so long as that thing's AT field is up so boosting our accuracy with the marker lights means squat. Im going to bridge the Kirishima to the main island, join the others for now."

"All unit's, neutralizing the angel's AT field is now top priority since we probably wont be able to touch it as is. If you can weaken its field strength we may be able to help you force it to the ground, but as is it's got over one hundred percent chance of neutralizing our attacks."

=Amanda Loup-Archambault

Amanda watched with some amazement as the carrier's crew maneuvered it into position for her to use, essentially, as a stepping stone, then crossed to the main island by means of it's flight deck. She remained plugged into the MSS from the smaller island though, so she was only just able to reach the other island. Once she was accross, she raised her AT field slightly.


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