The CSS Verdammung

Name: CSS Verdammung
Classification: Remote Mining and Excavation Vessel
Location: Star System 3V8, Planet 56A4
Status: Unknown
Mission: The CSS Verdammung was sent to 3V8/56A4 to mine the planet for Unobtainium Type 4. The vessel arrived 4 years ago and has finally finished demolition to remove Sector U4!129 for orbital mining. 5 months, 23 days, 6 hours, 43 minutes, and 31 seconds after orbital mining began, all communications with the CSS Verdammung ceased. After the 3 month waiting period, a LSIR operation has been organized.
History: The CSS Verdammung was commissioned ██ years ago as the third Remote Mining and Excavation Vessel and was built for the travel to and mining of 3V8/56A4. The ship was sent to 3V8/56A4 6 years ago through Jump Gate Mu-3 to system 3S4; no major complications were reported at any time during travel.