Important Crew Members

Name: Mario Sinclair
Position: Captain
Age: 47
History: Born on the military outpost Sky Warden, Mario Sinclair has always been ship captain material. He graduated honors from the Rotgoth Military Academy and served in the Galactic Military for 28 years before being honorably discharged. He was given an offer by the SHX Corp. to be captain of the CSS Verdammung and accepted.

Name: Samantha Links
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Age: 24
History: Samantha Links graduated from New Boston Medical University Magna Cum Laude at age 14. At age 18, she was hired as a medical officer aboard the CSS Verdammung and rose to her current position within two years.

Name: Wayne Killaroy
Position: Head of Security
Age: 32
History: Wayne Killaroy joined the Galactic Military at age 17. He was dishonorably discharged three years later and has been working for SHX Corp. ever since.

Name: Tabitha Wrench
Position: Head of Engineering
Age: 28
History: Graduated engineering school at 20. Hired by SHX Corp. at 21.