The Weekly Weird World, Part III (Editing)

Erin: Erin retreated back from the scene of the crime, keeping to the shadows all the way out. She quietly gestured the door to gently close behind her. Just because she believed Mary was sincere didn't mean she wasn't watching her back. She looked for Sergei in the darkness, retreating to him, gripping her self-inflicted wound to keep further blood from falling.

"Did you catch much of that, my leveret?" she murmured softly to him.

The Storyteller: "Enough." Sergei said, nearly invisible in the shadows. Erin couldn't really make out his expression, but his voice conveyed disapproval perfectly well. "Angel... I am not sure there is much point to having Aleksander and I protecting you if you will near kill yourself. Come, let's get back to the van. I have bandages there."

Erin: "It is not that bad," she replied, trying to smile up at him. She hated it when he sounded like that. "You protect me in many ways. Not just one. But we will go, yes."
She left the buildings alongside him, still staying in the darkness. Perhaps out of a sense of shame, now.

The Storyteller: "What does it matter how I protect you if you risk yourself like this?" Sergei said unhappily, following along after Erin. "I think... I think you do not really need my protection. Not from the vampire, certainly. But I can't protect you from yourself, Erin."

Erin: "I did not need your protection from the vampire because she was not malicious," Erin replied, starting to catch his misery herself. Late nights and self-inflicted exsanguination did not bolster one against emotional distress. She took his hand, holding it for comfort against the pain that, ironically, he was inflicting. "If she had been, I would have needed you. But you protect me from becoming like her, zaichonok."

The Storyteller: Sergei didn't really have anything to say to this, and so he was quiet. He wasn't happy, but he was quiet.

The Storyteller: Erin and Sergei found the third member of their little group waiting outside the Aquatics building. Aleksander was leaning against the wall, looking up at the sky, and he was whistling. He had, on the whole, an extremely peculiar expression on his face.

Erin: "I am sorry, Seryozha. I just want to be good. To be worthy of being your angel," Erin sighed as he fell silent, stroking his hand.

She was silent as well, then, until they happened upon Aleksander. "That's a nice tune," she greeted him as she approached, no longer holding Sergei's hand. She was back to keeping herself from bleeding everywhere, currently holding the bloodied handkerchief to it.

The Storyteller: "Thank you." Aleksander said, then turned to look over at the two of them. He paused. He looked at Erin's expression, at the bleeding wound, and at Sergei's expression

The Storyteller: "...We are not going to drag you over the fence in this condition." Aleksander said. He was smiling faintly.

Erin: "No?" Erin gave a faint smile back. Aleksander was a very insubordinate subordinate. "What are we doing, then?"

The Storyteller: "I have a first aid kit in the van, we can bandage her there." Sergei said, glaring at Aleksander and utterly failing to find any levity in the situation.

The Storyteller: "Perfect. Get it and come back." Alek said, making shooing motions with his hands.

The Storyteller: "You get it. I'm not leaving her." Sergei said, his voice soft and dangerous.

The Storyteller: "Look, if someone comes by, who would you rather have explaining the bleeding young woman? You or me?" Aleksander said, his expression earnest, his tone utterly reasonable. "Go on, quick like a bunny!"

Erin: "Oh Seryozha..." Erin put her arms around his neck, holding him tight for a moment. She whispered into his ear softly so Aleksander couldn't hear. "He wants to talk to me, I think. I think I had better, leveret, if I am to have any chance to turn him back. Will you do this for his sake?"

The Storyteller: Sergei did nothing for a moment, then sighed. "Fine. For you, I do this."

The Storyteller: "Hop hop." Aleksander said, grinning. Sergei rolled his eyes and made an obscene hand gesture at him as he ran off into the night, although there was perhaps the beginnings of a smile on Sergei's face.

Erin: "Now, he never does that around me," Erin noted, with a bit of a shocked giggle. "You have a way with people."

This was either utter sincerity or the depths of Wizened sarcasm, and probably both.

The Storyteller: "That's because Sergei, rather sadly, is an idiot about women. He thinks you're made of porcelain." Aleksander said easily, sitting down on the grass and stretching his legs out. "I think he was dropped on his head as a small child."

Erin: She sat down next to him, still smiling faintly, though she watched him like one would watch a cobra. "Yes? He does this to all ladies?"

The Storyteller: "No, I can't in fairness say he does. He's far more careful with you than he was before." Aleksander said after a moment's thought. "Though he was always shy."

Erin: Erin nodded in full agreement with that. "Why send him away, Aleksander?" she asked in idly curiosity, shifting her hand on the wound.

The Storyteller: "You don't believe that he's the better person to send?" Alek said. He sounded entirely too innocent to be believable. Aleksander was a wolf, and him sounding like a lamb just did not fit. "He actually knows where the kit is. And he'd try to stab me if I made you climb in your state."

Erin: "For a moment, I was worried he would stab you if you did not go get it," Erin replied. She started idly curling the tips of her fingers back and forth. Two could play at the innocent game.

"There was no trouble while we were inside, I hope?" she asked, with honey sweet concern. "No one spotted you?"

The Storyteller: "Our two night time explorers ran out like all the demons of hell were after them, but I expect you knew that." Aleksander reported. "They spotted me but weren't in much of a position to notice anything."

The Storyteller: He began to whistle.

Erin: "Good, good, I expected they wouldn't," Erin said agreeably, nodding. "Well, Aleksander, you really did not have to worry about Sergei stabbing you. Since you did not let him bring a knife."

The Storyteller: "He might've tried to bite me." Aleksander said. He stretched. "I wonder if rabbits can go rabid..."

Erin: "Hmm." Erin tilted her head at the academic question, pondering it. "Yes, I think they can. But it would look very silly for a big man like you to be frightened of a rabbit."

"A very adventurous pair of girls," she noted, with a faint smile. "Though perhaps a bit less so after tonight."

The Storyteller: "I am not frightened. I am merely careful." Aleksander said with dignity. Though he ruined it a bit by smiling.

The Storyteller: "What did you do them, anyway?" Aleksander said, looking at Erin's wound. "And to yourself, for that matter?"

Erin: "Just shut a door. I can only assume they were not meant to be there after hours," Erin answered. She looked down at her arm, then gave him a smile that resembled Othello's. "As for myself... blood sacrifices." She nodded seriously.

The Storyteller: "Charming. Our own little bes." Aleksander said, referring to the mischievous Russian devil or imp. He grinned. "If all you did was throw a scare into them, I think they'll be back. It's the most excitement they've ever had, probably."

Erin: "Hrumph. So much for being a good influence," Erin sniffed. "Speaking from experience, Aleksander?"

The Storyteller: "Just a little." Aleksander said. He closed his eyes, and instead of whistling again, he began to sing very quietly under his breath. "Ochi chornyye, ochi strastnyye, ochi zhguchiye i prekrasnyye..."

Erin: Erin listened to him sing for a while, enjoying it. "You are in a good mood," she said, antenna swaying back and forth.

The Storyteller: "Yes." Aleksander said. Then he continued singing. An informative man, was he.

Erin: Erin chuckled slightly, wondering why he'd even bothered to shoo Sergei off. "Well, we shall be back tomorrow, I think. Hopefully we will avoid running into anyone from the school."

The Storyteller: "There's a thought." Alek said. He looked at Erin now, and raised one brow. It was a rather knowing look. Then he turned, and looked out across the distance. "And there is our pet rabbit."

The Storyteller: Sergei was indeed coming across the grounds quickly, carrying the metal box of the first-aid kit under one arm.

Erin: Erin gave a half-amused sigh, standing up to meet him. "Well, he shall be relieved I have not managed to die in his absence," she said.

"But I would have thought you'd have leapt at a chance to leave us alone," she added quietly aside, with a wry smile.

The Storyteller: Aleksander snorted. "Sadly, nothing would come of it, because you're both fools. Though..." Alek smiled for a moment. "Since Sergei is too thick-skulled to do so..."

The Storyteller: "May I have the honor of taking you to dinner tomorrow evening?" Aleksander said, his mocking expression slipping away, replaced by something very intent. Wolf's eyes.

Erin: The smile on her face widened into something different, something that still looked like a smile, but that was just camouflage.

"Well," she said, after a very long pause. "You'd have to tell me how these things work, Aleksander."

The Storyteller: "I will. But is that a yes or a no?" Alek said.

Erin: "So long as it is just dinner, Aleksander..." Erin answered, with that strange smile. "...why not?"

"If you really want to," she added, in an inscrutable tone.

The Storyteller: Aleksander just smiled, and then Sergei was there and the time for such conversations had passed.