Gerrard Unterleicht

Gerrard Unterleicht

Stumbling through the still night, alone after hours at the tavern you stop to rest against the inn's news board and see a well written message on a crude piece of paper. It reads:

*Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present Gerrard Unterleicht aspiring worker of the arcane arts. Though this young, unkempt human comes from lowly origins, there is a passion in his heart for the acquisition of ancient lore, secrets of peoples long lost to antiquity, and knowledge otherwise forgotten. Often accused of being a recluse, Gerrard has never felt alone while surrounded by tomes of history, religion, arcana, philosophy, and folktales. After exhausting the limited amount of literature around him, Gerrard feels a tugging at his heart for more knowledge. Thus, he seeks a fine group of adventurers to accompany in order to expand his literary horizons.

From the third-person perspective of yours truly,
Gerrard Unterleicht*

(More information to follow, just wanted to throw out the concept really quickly!)

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