Alissa Jordan-Wright

Alissa Jordan-Wright

Alissa Jordan-Wright, the Knight of Spring

Alissa Jordan-Wright
Faerie Knight; Up to Your Waist
Adjusted (Base) Refresh: 2 (7)
Current Fate Points: 3
High Concept
Swordless Knight of Spring

Last Knight of a Lost Court

Other Aspects
My Parents were the Internet
Socially Awkward Beauty
"Afraid? Who, Me?"
"I Can Help!"
"I Use What I Have"

Physical: OOOO
Mental: OOO
Social: OOOO; +1 minor consequence
Consequences: -

Superb (+5): Guns, Presence
Great (+4): Lore, Athletics
Good (+3): Investigation, Endurance
Fair (+2): Resources, Discipline, Driving
Average (+1): Conviction, Alertness, Scholarship, Empathy

You may use Guns to make declarations (see page 116) about the type of ammunition you happen to be carrying on your person at any one time. For a fate point you may even declare that you're carrying very unusual ammunition, such as bullets cast from inherited silver or hollow points filled with holy water.
Hand Loader
You are adept at building, modifying, and repairing firearms. You may use Guns instead of Craftsmanship to build and repair firearms (see the Build and Repair trappings, page 125). In addition, when using a firearm you have personally built or modified you deal an extra +1 damage on a successful hit.

Marked by Minor Power: You've been marked by the Spring Court, which is a ghost of its former power, in a way recognizable to those with a magical affinity. Such people and creatures will see your affiliation, but won't be impressed by the association. If you absolutely must conceal this mark, you can, but it takes some concentration—use any appropriate skill (Stealth or Deceit, usually) restricted by Discipline to do so, but you can’t do anything stressful (like combat) without dropping the concealment.
Marked by Spring
Arcane Senses: Even with your third eye closed you have heightened arcane senses. You may use Lore as if it were an arcane Investigation skill as well as an arcane Alertness skill. You also gain +1 to Lore when using it in this fashion.
Wizard's Touch: As another aspect of your arcane senses, when you touch another being who has some magic potential, the GM may ask you to roll Lore to catch just a hint of a "spark" - indicating their nature as something other than mundanely mortal. Even on a failed roll, you might experience some sort of sense that something is "off", without being able to pin it down.
Opening the Third Eye: You may use the Sight to fully open your third eye, with all of the risks and rewards that come with it. See page 223 for details on how the Sight works.
The Sight
Rift Sense. You're able to sense places where the fabric of reality is weak, allowing easy passage into or out of the Nevernever. You may use Investigation or Lore to find such places.
Rift Maker. You are able to tear a temporary hole between this world and the next, allowing people and things to pass into or out of the Nevernever for a few seconds (it takes a true spellcaster to hold a rift open for longer). You may only do this once per scene (or per hour, if more appropriate). Some supernatural power-players will get a bit agitated or excited about this, however, since this inevitably weakens the fabric between the Nevernever and our own world in a given location.
Strange Worlds. By dint of using this ability and not, y'know, dying or getting enslaved in Faerie or the like, you've had enough exposure to the Nevernever to have a degree of familiarity with it. All Lore and Survival checks regarding the geography of the Nevernever and other trivia involving it are made at +2, and you may use Lore instead of Survival while there.

Alissa Jordan-Wright


1) Finding a suitable novel for Alissa's second Guest Starring (the first will be with Kat).

Ruben, I was thinking if even while she is still a mortal, we could use her trouble Aspect "Am I Mad or Haunted?" for plot-related issues. Nothing major, but on situations where she could, for example, have a "hunch" and take the right door (just a poor example), instead I invoke the aspect so she hears a voice telling her to take the right door. Of course, that could work the other way too, making her choose the wrong door (or whatever) instead.

I'm also thinking on a better High Concept. Supernatural Geek hardly seems interesting... I've thought about changing "Am I Mad or Haunted?" from Trouble to High Concept and coming up with a new Trouble. Thoughts?

That doesn't really work as a High Concept. You could add an adjective before the "Supernatural Geek", maybe "Tormented".

Hmn, seeing that it tormented her entire childhood and pretty much defined who she is, I'd argue against that... But I see where you're coming from. Though just using Tormented Supernatural Geek would be almost the same as what her other aspects already tell, and I don't see much invoke/compel potential in that... :/

On the subject of the high concept I think that Supernatural Geek works well enough for now. If anything I might change "What Do I really Think About Mikhel" before anything else, as it's the least useful of your aspects.

I was thinking it on the spirit of introducing a character, more than the exact wording. Through it, invokes/compels could be used related to the NPC Mikhel... Though you said your thoughts on that already, so I can change it if necessary (and if the aspect isn't needed to introduce the NPC)

Ah yes, also, in her novel I was thinking of making Alissa confront a supernatural threat and be saved by Mikhel (if only because that's the only way she would survive such an encounter). I had thought about the threat being another White Court vampire, to provide the hook of the White Court and maybe dissension within it in Portland, but I'm taking suggestions to what that threat could be.

Also needed is feedback on the custom stunt I created, On-line Contacts, to see if its okay. I figure that she should be pretty apt at gathering information through the internet, but the straight Contacts skill didn't make much sense for her.

Sorry for the barrage... xD


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