Devon Calderwood

Name: Devon Calderwood
Age: 27
Race: Human
Class: Wizard (Conjurer)
Alignment: True Neutral



Devon is an arcane historian who has spent his life studying the dark legends of Ustalav, as well as the extraplanar entities within that lurk beyond human comprehension. He is adept at calling creatures to his side, bending the dimensional fabric of reality. Although his abilities remain untested in true combat, Devon can provide battlefield support, direct damage spells, and buffs/debuffs.

Devon was the type of child who was prone to creating imaginary friends to keep himself company. He was fond of playing make-believe, and thus had always been prone to odd outbursts or nonsensical statements. His parents had believed him to be touched in the head, and perhaps he was. As he grew into a teenager, his family insisted upon schooling for the boy, hoping that it would nurture the more productive aspects of his personality. Growing up among the shrouded libraries of Caliphas, Devon always had a passion for the hidden lore of the land. As he grew older, the transition into the arcane arts seemed only natural. With time he learned to cope with the outside world, and eventually outgrew the abstract personality of his youth.

Although relatively common in the capital city of Caliphas, wizardry was still looked at in a discouraging light. As Devon had known all too well, many still recalled legends of the ancient powers that brought upon great evils that torment the land to this day. Not wanting to risk the social backlash, he studied in secrecy, away from the accusing glares of society. Devon made friends within the Academy, others who were in similar positions as he. While he sometimes struggled to communicate with others, he found comfort in the fact that his colleagues often did as well.

Perhaps due to his childhood, Devon had a knack for grasping the abstract. He was adept at wrapping his mind around problems in unique ways, often leading to an unexpected outcome. As a result, his studies generally focused on planar lore and how it related to the history of the country. Devon sensed that the great oppression felt across the land was brought on by disruptions in the extraplanar dimensional boundaries throughout the region. His theories have never officially been recognized, but he has dedicated his work to understanding the fluctuations in Ustalav's astral borders. Over the years he developed a certain skill in gazing into the beyond and summoning otherworldly beings to his side. He became an educator on the matter, spending much of his time in deep contemplation. His ideas have gone untested as of yet, since sometimes he fears what he may find.

Although he has learned to operate normally within society, Devon struggles with mental illness. He has learned to hide his condition well, something that was developed at a young age. Devon occasionally hears voices, but has not mentioned that fact since he was a boy. The words in his head lead his thoughts to strange and bizarre places, which account for most of his ability to analyze alien concepts. Somewhat aware of his illness, Devon would never mention this to fact to another soul. He realized that his credibility relies heavily on mental stability, and has not been willing to sacrifice his work for it. The young Conjurer has failed to seek treatment for his malady, partially in fear that it will hinder his academic progress.

Throughout his career as a student and educator, Devon came to develop a repertoire with fellow colleague, Professor Petros Lorrimor. Often intrigued by the professor's work, he became intimately familiar with each of Lorrimor's areas of study. Meeting on more than one occasion during certain gatherings of minds, the two began corresponding regularly. Devon had always envied the Professor's propensity for fieldwork, something that he himself had been unable to come to terms with. Afraid of venturing into the lands himself, Devon lived vicariously through the knowledge uncovered by his exploration-driven pen pal. Recently the letters have been farther apart, something that gives Devon an uneasy feeling in his stomach.