You will be supplied with necessary salvage equipment and a standard FTL shuttle. You will be leaving in one hour. This briefing is over.
All holograms end immediately.

Marc scooted his chair back and stood up. "Well, my name's Marc Kendall, retired I.D.F. I will be supervising Security Operations and advising the mission Commander as needed. I suggest we each do a brief intro as I do not know everyone's name, after which we should grab our gear and meet at the shuttle." He remained standing and awaited everyone to follow suit.

"Oh, great, no worries then, just a multi-billion dollar sentient computer on the fritz and a theoretically impossible loss of communication. What could go wrong?" Frank said dryly after the holograms shut off.

Standing up himself, Frank responded "Name's Frank Nylie, I was a security officer for a major medical corporation until recently, when some unique circumstances dictated a change of career..." he trailed off a bit at the end, not certain exactly how much he should reveal about himself.

"Well Frank, it's nice to meet you. If I may, I'd like to relinquish what I just said and hand over Security Ops to you. Our other esteemed colleague can supplement you (as Marc looked over to Subject 20). Kismit will take on as our Technical Advisor and will have her hand in how we are to do this. As I just came out of the service I've probably got the most recent experience running missions and will assume the mission Commander's position. Is this acceptable to the group as a whole?

"Well, like he said: I'm Kismet, starship salvage and repair technician (third class). I've been with the company for a few years now on a long contract. I don't think I'll have a problem with serving under you, Marc - you seem to be on top of things. As for technical advice, I think the first thing we want to do is make sure everone has a copy of the Vertammung schematics, in case anyone gets split off and needs to navigate on their own. Better if you can upload the files to an implant, something you can't possibly lose. We're also going to want some military-grade comms; if the Vertammung's hurting there's no telling what kind of interference we're going to encounter. Oh, and speaking of which we're probably going to need some rad shielding..."

Subject 20 listened to the others before adding his own, short, bio, "I am Subject 20, and have been trained in firearm and unarmed combat. My physical stats are roughly 60% above human norms. I am capable of carrying more equipment than most and due to certain modifications to my genetic code I am able to see up to ten meters in the dark."

"Well, nice to meet you Kismit. Nice to meet you '20'. Let's get this show on the road. Meet back at the FTL shuttle in the hanger in 1 hr. I'll see you there. Kismit, if you get there early see if you can track those ship schematics down otherwise we'll just do it before we leave." Marc turned and exited the briefing room. He returned to his bunk and quickly gathered his gear. He strapped on his combat armor and donned his pistol belt. He slung his pack over his left shoulder and picked up an ammo can with his left hand. In his right he grabbed the AK-47 and strode off to the hanger.


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