Prepared Spells

Prepared Spells

Daily Equipment and consumables
  • Healing belt (used/total): 0/3
  • Wand Nerveskitter: 25 charges remaining
  • Wand Swift Invisibility: 17 charges remaining
  • Luck Domain Re-roll (used/total): 1/1

Level 0
  • Detect Magic
  • Detect Magic
  • Guidance
  • Guidance
  • Minor Energy Ward

Level 1
  • Domain: Entropic Shield
  • Remove Fear
  • Obscuring Mist

Good idea humble player, I recommend the other spell user or with spell like ability or with any special ability to do the same as FF! It will make the reference easier to reach!

Daerwol's limited use items/spells/powers:
  • 0-level spells: 0/6 cast today
  • 1st level spells: 0/9 cast today
  • 2nd level spells: 0/8 cast today
  • 3rd level spells: 0/4 cast today
  • Quick casting: 0/2 spent today
  • Arcane Attunement: 0/5 spent today [dancing lights, detect magic, flare, ghost sound, read magic]
  • Healing belt: 0/3 spent today



Endure Elements on Everybody
See the Unseen (Darkvision 60'/See Invisibility) on Himself


Wizard spells:
Detect Magic
Read Magic

Magic Missile x2
Lesser Sonic Orb
Summon Monster 2
Fireburst P107 Comp Arc
Many jaws

Druid spells
Create Water
Cure Minor Wound x2
Detect magic
1:Cloudburst P49 SC
1:Obscuring Mist
2:Splinterbolt P203 SC 4d6 ranged attack (2 bolts)
2:Barkskin +3AC
3:Spike Growth
3:Resist Energy - Mass 70mins
4:Vortex of Teeth p232 SC

Magic Items:
Healing belt: 0/3 spent today
Pearl of Power 0/2 spent today
Stormfire Ring: 5/day Faerie Fire deals 1d6 damage/round for 5 rounds. (part of the Raiments of the Stormwalker P206 MIC)
Wand of Colour Spray 10 charges
wand of Magic Missile, 5th level, 5 charges
wand of magic missile (9th lvl) 25 charges
Circlet of Mages: 0/3 spent today
Vanisher Cloak: 0/3 spent today
scroll of summon monster IV x1
Scroll of Monster Summon III x5
scroll of Haste x1

Arteris spells and abilities

Paladin spell (CL 2):
Level 1 : Bless weapon (1/1)

Pious Templar spells (CL 7):
Level 1: Protection from evil (1/1), Rhino's rush (1/2)
Level 2: Angleskin (1/1), Bull's strength (1/1)
Level 3: Righteous fury (0/1)

Class features, race features and feats:

- Smite evil 4/day, 0/4;
- Lay on hands (30 HP), 0/30;
- Turn Undead 8/day, 4/8;
- Animal devotion 1/day, 0/1;
- Law devotion 1/day, 0/1
+2 insight bonus on a saving throw
True believer 1/day, 1/1;
- Devil's favor 2/day, 2/2;
- Devil's Tongue 2/day, 2/2

Belt of Growth (1/day),
Healing Belt (3/day)

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