Mirabella Weaver

Mirabella Weaver

Please add your backstory, than feel free to add any other notes you want. I'll post whenever I come across major info that is unique to your character.

If this thread ever gets too long and you want me to consolidate/clean up info, let me know.

Here is my character sheet, it is mostly complete: Mirabella

1) who are you?
I am Mirabella Weaver. A halfling Serpentine Bloodline Sorceress. I have tattoos covering most of my body, though they are easily covered by dress and cloak. My most noticeable tattoo is the twin snakes. Their tails are intertwined on my back between my shoulder blades, then they both spiral down (one on each arm) and wrap around my arms, with their heads ending on the top of my hands. I usually wear a dress that has hand coverings. I have deep green eyes, and albino white hair, which I'm told is due to my bloodline.

2) where are you from?
I am from a small village called Brimshire. My parents died in a house fire while I was at the Doctors for an ear infection. I was only 5 so I don't really remember all the details. I was sent to an orphanage. No one wanted me, you see I am a halfling, and it was a Human village. Why my parents thought it was a good idea to live there is beyond me.

3) how/why did you become a rogue?
I sort of fell into it. I needed money to escape. Growing up in the orphanage was not how I wanted to live. I picked up a contract to kill someone. Never actually thinking I would attempt it. Then I started thinking about how I would do it. I could use my snake, send him in there while the target is sleeping, and simply bite him to death. It worked, and everyone bought it. I got paid, and headed off to see the big cities.

4) why are you heading to Magada?
I heard Magada was a nice place. Niaeve in it's own right, a person of my skills would be well valued there.

I find the idea of playing a sorceress in this "magic is kinda taboo" city setting intriguing. Most people are going to be inherently very sneaky, while I will have to resolve to finding creative ways to become sneaky. Using magic if possible to gain what I need without getting myself caught. It is going to be a fun challenge.

1) The only place in the city where you will find public magic users is Magada University, though the wizards and sorcerers there claim to be only researchers. Do you plan to associate yourself with the University, be an independent, or will you try to hide your talents and be a "normal" person in public.

2) Did you come to Magada legally or illegally? (ie. book passage/stow away)

3) I have several different scenarios for how everyone gets together, would you like to role-play your part? or do you want me to just tell you when we start the game officially with everyone together? (If we roleplay it, I can't promise a regular posting schedule on my part)

1) I'm going to say that I'm training. But I'm using it as a cover. Basically I'm training magic at the University, but I never train any of my bloodline abilities there. That way no one will know I have snake abilities.

2) I'm going to say legally.

3) I'm ok with either. If you want to role play us all together I'm ok with an irregular posting schedule. I'd like a chance to explore the city a little before all hell breaks lose.


more questions then:
1) how old is your character?
2) how well off do you plan on appearing? did you have your own room on the ship that brought you here, or did you ride in the cargo hold with the poorest passengers?
3) how much stuff did you arrive with? just the clothes on your back, a single pack, or a lot more?
4) Are trying to look like a human child? (I know some haflings do that... achieving various amounts of success )

1) I figured I was about 30 in human years... so whatever that equivalent is.

2) I most likely bought my way into sleeping in the cargo hold, simply to maintain appearances of common wealth. I plan on appearing common, but having some wealth. For instance, I spent almost none of my starting gold and I have like 10k left.

3) I arrived with basically nothing. Just the close on my back and my pet snake Fang II. I wear a nice dress that covers my tattoos, and a purple cloak most of the time.

4) Normally no, I figure I'm a half-ling if other people don't like it they can bug off. If the situations suites me I certainly will go for it though.

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