Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Something to do until the game itself actually starts. It's a pretty neat idea that allows for some in-character definition before the game begins, so here's to hoping the almighty GM Tahu doesn't axe this ;-;


You find yourself in a blank, featureless plank of existence much like a depiction of Purgatory. In the distance however is a noticeable something, though you cannot determine exactly what. After a vague period of time you eventually reach the somethings, which are in fact several circular tables with umbrellas in the middle, though you cannot say how many as they seem to disappear and reappear whenever you're not looking directly at them. In either case, the tables are stocked with a variety of light snacks on fine white china plates according to personal tastes as well as a teacup of vague, colorless fluid that tastes exactly like whatever you want it to; it also seems to refill whenever you look away. Wherever you are, the service is certainly excellent and hopefully free.

Surtr is, rather than sitting calmly, going through various motions and exercises. He moves smoothly from one stance to the next, the swing of his armored left arm causing the air to shimmer with heat around it while his right arm moves to defend against imaginary opponents and attacks. Eventually someone else will find this island of tables, supposing his ship didn't founder while he was aboard and this is subsequently the afterlife. Delicious as lightly fried potatoes may be, a man needs action.

Carter stands by one of the tables, quietly chiding himself for not shoring up that roof better. He then shrugs, looks over the table, and begins eating a jar of jam. After a while he notices Surtr practicing a few yards away. "Excuse me, but are the two of us dead or just unconscious?" he asks.

Surtr looks the man over, not having noticed him at all before. Not unexpected that he wouldn't, considering how everything else in this place moved when not watched. In any case, the man looked average for the most part, though looks often lied. He shifted to a normal stance as he spoke.

"I don't think we're dead. This place seems to...formal to be final. At the very least, I have no reason to believe I'm dead myself...and I'd rather not make wild assumptions.

Oh, call me...hrrrrm. Pyre will do for now I suppose. You?"

Carter thinks that this man is a bit too tense. It seems like it would be a good idea to tread carefully, just in case this guy is ready to flip out. He looks up after wiping his mouth on a nearby napkin,"Eh, alright then. Nice to meet you too, Pyre. As for my name, that would be Carter."

Oh? i didnt think it stayed on my list if it got archived
Very sad! I really liked the concept for my character!

It seems he didn't archive all the threads (like this one), so that might be why it's still on your list.

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