Party balance

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lol poor druids. They got nerfed
Now they are merely a really strong class, rather than a party-replacement class. =p

Probably just busy in RL, or making their characters. Since the game isn't really starting for about two months, it will likely be quiet-ish around here.

aw..did you want to RP now Dae? XD I dont mind meeting up with you early if you want and if Daen will let us XD

i'm just excited, is all =D

@Dae By when do you want the character sheet? AND I WOULD LOVE TO START EARLY ^_^

All sheets must be in by the start of the game, June 22. But, I'd prefer if they were in before May 27.

**If you get your character sheet in early, you can start early, but I can't guarantee a consistent posting schedule until the official start of the game.


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