Active Quests

I will use this thread to post the quests that you guys are currently working on and the rewards gained when completed. When they are finished, I will move them to the Completed Quests thread in the archive.

Discover the Exit
  • Objective: Discover the actual exit from the celestial prison.
  • Rewards: XP and escape.
  • Notes: Longtail may know the way out. Find Longtail.

Learning of Longtail
  • Objective: Discover who Longtail is and why he/she came to the dungeon.
  • Rewards: 300 XP.
  • Notes: The kobolds mentioned Longtail and having an alliance with the orcs who betrayed them. Unfortunately, during the talks they were made unfriendly towards the heroes and no longer trust them. The group found an orc named Turag in hiding. He explained that Longtail is a "rat-man" and that Longtail organized the army and brought them here for a specific reason (though that reason is still unknown). Longtail then seemingly vanished.
  • Possible Ways To Complete: Complete the tasks set forth by the kobolds. Mend fences with the kobolds. Find the orcs and get them to speak of Longtail.

The Broken Elf
  • Objective: Find a way to save the elf maiden that fell victim to a Flesh to Stone trap. She must be reassembled first and then a way to reverse or cancel the old magic must be found.
  • Rewards: 500 XP and a (potential) new ally.
  • Notes: The statue was found in room 29. It was then moved to room 24.

Artifact Recovery
  • Objective: The Cat Lord has asked the group to recover as many artifacts as they can from the Dungeon. They were told that many artifacts from various worlds have been lost in the Dungeon, and she needs to recover the power to give to her acolytes on another world. She needs them to better equip her followers to save her realm.
  • Rewards: While possessing artifacts, those who have agreed to help her gain a boon from the Cat Lord.
  • Notes: So far the group has the Winds of Change, but has lost the artifact to Sharpfang.

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