Main Story

Twisting Darkness, coiling Fear. The Screams. For the second time in as many hours Ferrus awakens with the cloying scent of the sand at the back of his throat. Groggily he rolls onto his front and slowly raises himself onto his hands and knees. With measured slowness he raises to his feet, but even so he sways as a rush of dizziness overcomes him. Its only now that he looks up and takes notice of the chaos all around, the people screaming and fleeing from the creature, away way they can. He sets to take a stop towards the grate he help open but a wave of nausea sweeps up and he has to fight from vomiting.

Dal stands at the ready, being as quiet as he can..

the nightmare creature in your midst raises its gore drenched head from its freshly killed victim, its head snapping back and forth,
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 44
snout raised in the air. It moves slowly off its victim, moving in a slow cautious step, its head darting erratically as people move about the pit, almost as if it is following one then picks up another and its head darts to that person. A deep throaty growl issues from its raw looking throat as it hunches down, back legs tensing, its tail twitching from side to side, with a sudden leap it launches into another fresh victim, knocking a woman down as it lands against her back, "HELP ME!" she
you have a round to help her before the creature kills her
screams, her voice filled with pain and horror, the creatures claws rake down her back shredding cloth and skin with ease "AHHHHHH"she screams at the top of her lungs again. While at the grate, three more creatures claw and snap at each other, tangled up in each other in there rush to get through the partly open grate.

end of round 1, round 2 begin

Krell continued to grope his way down the tunnel. His heart hammered in his chest. Even there in the dark, facing the other way, he could still see the things, and every part of him yearned only to get as far away as possible.

Ravion continues to push down the tunnel behind Krell. Even as he hears the screams, he can't bring himself to look back at the likely murder of those he is leaving behind him. Those that put him here would eventually be made to punished in the name of the Emperor.


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