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Sheet request: Generic sheet

Sheet request: Generic sheet

I'm surprised its not already in the list, but how about a generic sheet? For example, something with a variety of blanks in useful places that a DM can fill in with specific game labels in their own sheet list, then make copies of and then assign to players so they can fill them in. This would handle most of the obscure sheet requests, I think.

A problem with this is that too many games have different set ups. One has 4 stats, one has 3, one has 6, another has 10.. Some use skills, some do not.. The best way to do what your asking would be to have the gm simply make the sheet he needs and post it in his game form. This way he controls the information.

What you're looking for is called a .doc file - you have as many blank spaces as you want and you can be placed where you need them.

A "blanket sheet" is so wide and so hard to define, that you're better off just using documents.

It's been requested time and again. Shortly after the release of V5 we discussed how to implement one; guesswork and compromise dictate to the point it's no better than using text and needs far more customization than our sheets can provide.

The level of customization is a already available, anyone can create their own personal sheet in the wiki, the tables, forms and parser features we've added are extensive. You can do from simple tables to advanced auto calculating forms.

On that note, Mr Moderator, is there a Wiki link for actually using said codes/design functions to create? A mini tutorial? Thanks in advance for your answer

I may endeavour to peruse it! The idea of creating an entire sheet off my own initiative is a rather intriguing prospect.

Ok, I had figured as much, but I did a search in the wiki and didn't turn it up as a project. Thanks for the response, and thanks for all the work you have do with the site. There is so much that is here.

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