Rule Questions

<chuckle> Don't worry. I've got a spreadsheet for each barony already done. Each one is slightly different, so it'll be given to the baron's when they are picked.

1) Upon completion of this introduction will we be allowed to travel in town to see if we can find any supporters of our efforts (as you hinted by the building of the temples for a few extra BP)?
Yes, you will be able too.
2) On turn 1 in each Barony, will we suffer the 'upkeep' penalties associated with not having all of our key leadership positions filled (as per 'Vacant' in the description of each position)? Those penalties together can potentially cripple the project before it even gets started (big increase in unrest and sizable penalties to the rolls).
No, there won't be those penalties associated on turn 1. Good question.

Originally Posted by Decker View Post
OOO! Another! Do you have to 'Claim' a hex to put a road through it?
Yes. Otherwise the cost is double for doing so.


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