Haunting of Harrowstone

Janel Raj

Janel had plainly not slept very well that night, the uncomfortable knowledge that she was so far from home not sitting well with her at the moment. She rose later than the others, apparently, and moved to join them when she arrived in the common room. "Who is this Professor you keep talking about, anyway?"

Smiling in response Valeria exclaimed "No, not really... I think I saw him on occasions when he talked to my commander, though strangely they always talked in private, I didn't make much of it though I did find it odd" Nodding to Janel, Valeria adds "Well he sounds important, can you tell us something about him Miosil?"

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"Professor Petros Lorrimor...", Daius said softly, his rasping voice barely carrying as he heard of the women's appalling ignorance. Lorrimor was famous in these parts for his deeds, after all. He'd followed Petros' adventures himself, after the man had taken him in. A man who took life by the horns and did whatever he thought right, unafraid of the consequences and risks. "A...good man. Helps others in need, and has aided many an organization in the aquisition of knowledge and artifacts. More concerned for others... than for himself."

Miosil smiled "I didn't much know of his endevours, but for his great curiosity and desire to both learn and share the knowledge with others. he was a fascinating conversationalist, always intriguing, challenging, enlightening. he taught me to view the gods a bit... differently than i had before. in a more forgiving way. Misil seems to ponder her words for a few moments "he was also quite kind, and genuine. i'm surprised to learn he's involved in such strange matters. perhaps that is what happens when you investigate too much.... she moves her hair aside, touched by the memory. "strange. i don't even know how he died."

The sound of footsteps outside the inn gave only a momentary warning before the door burst open. “Food !” A cloaked figure shouted, striding towards one of the tables as if he owned the place. Sarianna winced at the intrusion, but didn't seem overly surprised as she headed back towards the kitchen. A few heartbeats later she emerged with a steaming bowl of some unidentified stew and a mug of whatever passed as coffee in these parts. Sickly sweet, you could smell it throughout the inn.

Never removing his hood, the visitor glanced about the room, giving you a glimpse of dark, suspicious eyes. "I see you haven't changed your policy Sarianna . . still housing any scum that lands on your doorstep."

As if to prove the man's point, Andrei suddenly sits up from his position on the floor with a gasp, his hands pushing away strands of greasy hair as he looks about with a suspicious eye.

Even though she took offense to the man's rude behavior Valeria stayed silent, knowing that composure was an important quality... though difficult at times. Letting it pass for now, she continued with friendly conversation with Miosil and Janel

His hood concealing his glance at the new 'customer', Daius seemed fully unconcerned with the insult, barring a slight tightening of his lips. Rubbish and beneath him. Shaking his head, he went back to his musings, casting a quick look towards Vleria to notice her own ignoring of the man.

Janel continued her own musings quietly for the moment after the newcomer's interruption and insult. Ok, so now she knew what kind of man this Professor was... But she still had no idea who he was, or why she was here - apparently just in time for his funeral.


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