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Just waiting to hear from Jymmi, Elwen, Abscond and the truthseeker and we will get started.

Abscond had to decline the invitation for RL reasons that just came up. So I will be sending out an invitation to my first alternate choice. Ayeba.

Hello fellow party members!

Hi everybody. I really am excited about this game! Aren't you? Speaking of homonym like sounds, I will be talking the color dark orange (to match my intro text character color.) My basic character sheet is up and may be accessed here Obviously, the rest of the info will be entered once ole random is finished.

Edit: Sent email to request Combat Tracker Access

Just a question, probably out of ignorance: we have private threads for every character, but the people who play said characters are excluded from the thread. Shouldn't it be the other way around (only the GM and player are allowed)?

Hello everyone im Jymmi (jimmy) i will be the color blue and playing John Clarke also this is my first online game so please be patient with me

Hi there. I'm very happy to be able to join. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time right now, but I'll read through stuff and get up to speed tomorrow.

Okay, I "took" a bit more time. So excited that I just can't hide it. I'll claim Purple as my color. Character sheet "linked" to the game. I'll be reading myself up as fast as I can manage.

I've got a few questions regarding character creation:
1. Is it possible to select the "random character theme" or "random wild talent" more than once? I don't expect it to, but it's not crystal clear.
2. Are we starting at level 1 after character creation? I assume yes.
3. Since we can buy stuff with the remaining gold, is it okay to wait until after we've gotten the random character before buying?
4. Is there any limitations what we can or can't buy? Or are there any limitations in the rules -- which I must've missed -- which limits how powerful magic items a level 1 character can use?

I'd like to try the Swirling Mists of Chaos, with a random Character Theme and Wild Talent. If possible, I wouldn't mind buying them multiple times. Do I just wait for you to send me a character, then?

By the way, Hi, Justin_Elliot. Very happy to see you again, I really enjoyed playing with you in the other game, as long as it lasted. Name escapes me right now, but you probably know which I mean.


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