How to use this thread

How to use this thread

I would like you to use this thread kind of like a diary of your characters writing. It should be written by your character's point of view. It should contain personal notations, observations, suspicions, etc. It's not something you have to update with each turn, but once in a while you should recap things from your point of view, maybe put things in there to help you remember events and happenings without having to go back and reread everything. You should title it with your character's name, or a clever title for their book that you could foresee them using. Also, all writings should be private in nature so that other characters can't read what you've written and use any of that against the writer in game.

This is optional, but many players like to do this, so feel free. You will have private threads for use with XP, notes, and private discussions between us, so that kind of information doesn't belong here.

Ace V. Tellers Journal (Entry One)


You should create your own thread in the Journals section and title it however you like to indicate that it is yours. Then shoot that response into it.

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