How to post a turn

OK, so this is how I would like the turns done. This is somewhat open for debate. I'll quote the rules when necessary, but try not to do it often.

Each turn should be its own post in your folder. Please title it Year 0, Month X. We will start in year 0 because it makes it easier to keep track of things. Also, make it private for everyone in your barony and me.

Phase 1 - Upkeep phase. Please clearly label it as such.
Upkeep Phase
  1. Make Stability check against your Command DC.
  2. Pay consumption costs (subtract from treasury).
  3. Fill vacant magic item slots for stores (if you need them, let me know type and number and I will roll).
  4. Unrest checks. If you have a royal assassin, reduce unrest by 1 in this phase.

Phase 2 - Improvements Phase. Please clearly label it as such.
Improvements Phase
  1. Select leadership. Assign leaders to vacant roles and let me know of other changes as well.
  2. Claim hexes. If you have explored a hex, you can claim it if it is clear of monsters and dangerous hazards.
  3. Establish and Improve cities.
    It takes 1 month to construct a building, no matter what size the building is—its benefits apply immediately. - Page 58, Kingdom run Red rules.
  4. Build roads.
  5. Establish Farmland
  6. Edicts. Pick or adjust your edict level.

Phase 3 - Income phase. Please clearly label it as such.
Income Phase
  1. Deposits - Add funds to your kingdom treasury by donating. For every 4K, add 1 DP.
  2. Withdrawals - you can withdrawal, but it increases unrest.
  3. Sell valuable items. If the item is more than 4K GP value, it's got a separate process.
  4. Generate Income. Make an economy roll against your Command DC.

Phase 4 - Event Phase. You don't do anything here. I make the roll and tell you what's going on. I may tell you the event ahead of time and allow you to post your actions here.

Miscellaneous. Please clearly label it as such.
This is things like adventuring and other stuff.