Najwa's Arrival

Najwa's Arrival

It is mid-afternoon as you step off the boat. Your first view of the dock is chaos. There are lots of bodies running back and forth, working to get the cargo off the boat as fast as possible so the ship can leave with the evening tide. The crowd seems mostly human, but you glimpse other small people running around as well. Only a few humans disembarked when you did, and they seemed to know exactly where they were going as they made a beeline for the main road that leads to the city gates.

Najwa carrys her sack over her shoulder, her weapons hidden within. As she disembarks she moves to the side and takes in the fresh air, getting her land legs once again. She stretches out, getting the kinks out of her muscles. She watchs as most of the crowd heads down what appears to be the main road. She decides to follow them, wondering what the city must look like and if it matched the information she had gathered.

As always around the big people, she tried her best not to get stepped on but didn't go over and above to stay out of their way. At times like these she wished she wasn't so short.

It was easier than she thought it would be to get inside. They seemed to truely believe nothing would happen here. She took in the sights as she kept walking before realizing she had no idea where she was going. She tapped gently on the side of a womans dress. "Excuse me Ma'am. I am looking for a place to stay. Are you from around here? Would it be possible for you to direct me to an Inn or Tavern?"

Watch out, you're already starting to metagame...
you don't know how easy it was to get inside, I'll let you get away with it... this time.

The main gates loomed over you as you passed through them. 1 halfling and 3 humans guarded the portal, their silver armor gleamed and a picture of a blue jewel was embossed on their breastplates. They seem to be watching traffic rather than stopping people.

As you wonder along the main street, the buildings seem to mostly be warehouses, lots of people are hurrying back and forth filling up the warehouses.

The woman who's dress you tap on looks down at you, and looks further down, taking stock of your appearance.
"You'll want to head to Relanor," she says as she points further down the street you've been following, "There are plenty of low-priced inns and taverns just past the Federal District. Go through two sets of gates and you'll be there."

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"Thank you very much Ma'am" She bows slightly to be polite and walks down the street, taking in the sites. She came up to the first set of gates and stopped.

This gate is much narrower than the main gate, just wide enough for the passage of two cars, side by side. The gate is richly decorated with geometric designs colored a bright blue over the dark gray granite of the walls. The guards at this gate also appear to be a bit more attentive than the ones at the main gate. One stops you.

"Hello ma'am," the human, tall even by their standards, tips his helmet to you, "I am Guardsman Mitch, and I noticed you appear new to the city. May I ask what brings you to our fair island?"

"Oh! Hello sir." She tries a tiny curtsy, looking somewhat clumsy. "It is very nice to know that not everyone thinks my kind are children." She smiles warmly. "My name is Najwa. I came here because I have heard it is a wonderful place to live and I was hoping one of the inns around here would be hiring."

"Well, welcome Najwa, I know a halfling when I see one! Ho, my friend Gary's a halfing and he'd cut me off at the knees if I ever mistook one of you people for a human child." Mitch jokes. "There's an Inn, Hawk's Rest it's called, my sister works there and said they're looking for another girl. I'd try there if I were you."

She beamed. "That is wonderful news! I will definitely look for it." She straightened out her outfit slightly to look somewhat presentable. "Well I am glad that your friend Gary is a Halfling. It is very rare for me to meet others that have settled into one place." She turned to head away. "Thank you for all your help!"

Najwa waved as she headed off, glad that she had a lead on a place that was hiring. She entered the Federal District and took note of the buildings. She saw some officers going in and out of one specific building and guessed that they may be the HQ for them. She made her way to the center and then stood in awe of an area that looked like it held some sort of greenery. She walked towards the entrance of it and peeked inside. She stood there in awe and wondered if anyone could enter.

The garden is walled, but there are no gates at the entrances. As Najwa approaches it, she sees a few trees sheltering flower gardens and stone walkways. The garden is not big, but surpisingly peaceful amist the bustle of the city around it. Inside, a small old woman, halfling or gnome, it's hard to tell, is kneeling beside the path, staring at something on the ground. A tiny boy stands beside her, solemn.

Najwa walked over to the old woman and the young boy. "Um, excuse me. I am new here, what is this place called?"

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