Ilkin's Resume

J. Ilkin Aylesworth

Bachelor of Arts, Film Studies, Loughborough University, 1998
Master of Arts, Film Studies, Goldsmiths University, 2000

2001-present as “Jack Clements”
Film & Performance Critic and Columnist, “Indie Lights,” The London Times
Owner, “Indie Lights Production Company”
Executive Assistant, BFI London
Production/Direction Credits
In the Dark of Night (working title, in production) - 2007 - Action/Adventure
The story of a Victorian-era gentleman thief.
Fanged Kiss (working title, in production) - 2006 - Dark Romance
A biographical style dark romance about a young man in Warsaw and the vampiress that drew him to darkness.
Teachings of Sin - 2005 - Mystery
A story of Chance Anderson, private detective, as he gets caught up in a criminal, pseudo-religious cult dedicated to a much more twisted version of Aztec-style human sacrifice. Though not award-winning, the film was well-received and talks of a sequel have sprung up. Malcolm Waters, the young actor that played Anderson, enjoyed the role and has agreed to sign up for a second movie if Ilkin makes one.
The Claw of Caligula - 2004 - Action/Adventure
A Roman-style take on movies like The Mummy and Indiana Jones. Mixed reception, but the actors and much of the production staff enjoyed it. Prospects of a sequel remain uncertain.
Day of the Devourer - 2003 - Horror

Midnight of Open Graves - 2001 - Zombie
Ilkin’s take on the “zombie apocalypse” story. It doesn’t stand out from the crowd too much. Mostly, it was an experiment to see if the “zombie apocalypse” genre itself was enough to generate appeal. Ilkin’s verdict: Inconclusive.
Soldier’s Island (short film) - 2001 - Horror
A short horror movie about a soldier killed in the Pacific Islands during WWII. He comes back to life as an undead, but, unable to leave the island, believes a local woman and her family are his wife and children. The movie centers on the soldier terrorizing the woman and her family until he finally kills them so they can’t leave him.
The Diabolical Embrace (short film) - 2000- Horror
A take on the much darker (and some would say, cynical) side of love. It is the story of a man taking a downward spiral in the name of the woman he loves; a woman who is actually Satan manipulating the hapless man. Though the concept is not new, the imagery Ilkin used here during the man’s struggle between salvation and ruin earned him critical acclaim.
Passion and Restraint (short film) - 1998 - Mystery
A short look into the minds of three couples after a crime of passion is committed.

Nominee, Best Achievement in Production, Teachings of Sin, British Independent Film Awards, 2005

Nominee, Best Horror, Soldier's Island, London Short Film Festival, 2001

Nominee, Best British Short Film Award, The Diabolical Embrace, British Independent Film Awards, 2000

Best Horror Film Award, The Diabolical Embrace, London Short Film Festival, 2000

Runner-Up, Passion and Restraint, London Short Film Festival, 1998