House Rules

House Rules

Here a few guidelines to consider to simplify things...

  • Please use the Characters name in the title box with each post
  • Use bold text to indicate speech. If you have a favourite colour to use that would be great
  • Use Italics to indicate your thoughts in your colour. Please do not use thoughts to communicate to other players in any way
  • Any private communication via characters to include [Private=players name;DarkAngel][/private]
  • If you want to communicate with the DM please use [OOC=OOC]any questions[/ooc] or using private tags if you wish

Action Sequences
  • During action sequences please limit your actions each round to the 3 allowed (Standard, Move & Swift) or Full Round Action
  • DM will call for initiative to begin the action phase
  • Players will use the combat and skills thread to make any rolls to determine their actions. Once the results are known players may post as appropiate in the story thread.
  • Players may choose to DELAY their actions to forgo their order in initiative or READY their actions by declaring the trigger with the intended action and keep their original initiative order for the next round.
  • Please use
    1x standard action
    Unarmed combat kick:
    Dice Roll:
    1d20+8 1d6+2
    d20 Results: 12 (Total = 20)
    d6 Results: 1 (Total = 3)

    Unarmed Combat Feat
    OOC tags to contain any rolls made in the action phase. note you may use private tags in the OOC tag if you prefer to keep your feats and abilities a secret from other players
  • DM will summarise each round indicating a new round of players actions to follow
  • Please use references in OOC tags when using abilities & feats complete with page numbers for ease of reference for non PH book feats
  • Battle maps may be used to co-ordinate movement and positioning, if so please advise your intended co-ordinates when moving (and facing if applicable)

Action Points
  • Everyone gets 1 Action Point per day which may be used to bolster a skill or combat roll by 1d6
  • Actions points replenish each morning after a restful sleep

Rules debate
  • DMs can make mistakes, we are only human not Gods.
  • If you think an error has been made, please use [Private=DarkAngel] Oh Oh... outline your concern complete with book source & page number [/private]

    In this case the DM will pause play and re-edit last posts as necessary, players may need to do the same.
  • Any general discussion on rules and their applications can be made in the appropiate OOC thread.
  • In some cases a general consensus will create binding house rules which will be posted here, in other cases the DM will rule (if no-one objects too loudly)

Discussion in Combat

During combat sequences, to keep things realistic to what you can do in a 3 second round, I would like to introduce someething I read on WoTC.
  • Talking is considered a free action, which includes a short sentence or not more than 3 - 5 words.
  • The amount of free actions allowed for Talking is calculated by your INT mod or CHA mod.
  • This is designed to allow the smarter and more charismatic members of the group to communicate more readily in combat scenarios, and leaves the warrior types to shut up and fight.

eg INT 16 = 3 short phrases which can be separated or merged.
"Watch out for the Barbarians... one's frothing at the mouth... hey, they ain't fighting fair"
or "That big brute on the right looks more wounded than the others..."

please note Discussion in combat over the allowed Free actions, will use up Swift, Move or Standand actions as appropiate. There are talents and skills which use talking, which is part of the action.


Intimidate is a full round action and includes a combination of threatening verbal and non-verbal body language.
  • Swift Action includes 3 - 5 words over your allowed free actions
  • Move Action includes 6 - 10 words '' ''
  • Standard Action includes up to 15 words '' ''
  • Full round action is a short paragraph over 15 words '' ''


  • I am going to be more lenient on your thoughts, but should be based on the above guidelines.
  • Your thoughts should not serve to communicate ideas or plans with other players.
  • Your thoughts should relate whats going through your mind.
  • If you are going to communicate info there, use private tags to keep those type of thoughts privately.


To speed up and simplify things, I am going to roll Spot, Listen and Sense Motive checks for everyone and advise the outcomes as part of my post.
  • To keep things real just indicate you would like to make a Spot, Listen or Sense Motive check and I will roll in secret and advise the outcome.

I prefer this method as you shouldn't know the result of the dice in respect to discovering a deception. For other perception checks as a reaction, I normally roll in private and advise the outcomes as they happen.

So for now I will do all the Perception type rolls, lets see how that plays out for everybody

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