The Short Life and Inevitable Death of Jack Fox

Entry 1: In Which Dragonborn are The Best Thing


It is really, really hard to write with giant dragon hands. I'm okay with this, because GIANT. DRAGON. HANDS. That's right, world: Jack Fox is now a DRAGON...born. Close enough. I have the scales and the muscles and GODDAMN DRAGON BREATH. It's cold breath, actually. I literally taste mint every time I gasp. It's actually kind of awesome, because that was my favorite type of gum when I was human. It's kind of fun writing "when I was human." Still, would have preferred, like, fire or lightning or something, but you can't have everything, I guess. Anyway, back to the topic at hand: I'm a dragon now, everyone can kiss my ass.

A bunch of the other people in the group are changing their names to suit their new forms. Should I do that? I like my name, but maybe it needs to be a bit more threatening--I feel I can intimidate the balls off pretty much everyone, now, too. Same with bluffing. Over all, it just feels like it's easier for me to get my point across, in less words. Still, I can't feel as if I keep rambling on for no good reason. Back to the name. Maybe I'll let everyone I know be all cool and call me Jack, but I'll introduce myself as Fox to everyone else. That seems cool. Kinda threatening, but also just plain memorable. "Talk, or we'll let Fox have his way with you." Doesn't that sound awesome? Like a military code name, except more bad ass because I'm a dragon. I'd go by Dragon, but that just sounds dumb.

"Have his way with you." Ha. That reminds me: there's these two chicks in the party. Well, one of them is a guy who got turned into a chick. Does that make me gay if I try hitting on her/him? Her/He's also some sort of elf, so maybe that makes it okay. The other is some sort of bird-woman, which is pretty cool, and it's not like I have to worry about being called a furry or something if I try anything. I don't honestly know why I want to try getting with them--it's like I'm sixteen all over again, hormones raging and everything. Maybe it's because I'm a dragonborn, or maybe it's because Deep Sashelas is just as horny, and he did make me in his image. But with scales because I'm a dragon.

Deep Sashelas...I'm not really sure why I feel so strongly about a guy I've never met. Maybe that's what online relationships are like? Anyway, at least there's no bullshit about trying to figure out if he's real or not: I can feel his power coursing through me, even right now. I think I'm going to sign every entry with his mark, just because the guy's so awesome.

Well, I think I've written for long enough. We just got all our equipment--I got badass dragon equipment, along with this journal. I think we're about to head out.

See ya.