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Great! I'm putting the final touches on the first adventure now so I'll be ready to go as soon as everyones sheets are ready.

I also think bada would be looking to get off-planet, which credits from a bounty will go a long way towards. I'm also going to work into his background that his "partner" took off with most of his gear, so he might start a bit under-weaponed, haven't finished gear yet, though.

I'm thinking about this talent for my scout.
Do you think it will apply in starship combat?
Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
Page 26
Unpredictable Talent Tree
Blast Back: Once per round when you are damage by an enemy's area attack, as a reaction you can make an immediate melee or ranged attack against the source of the area attack, provided you have line of sight to the attacker and the target is within your melee or ranged reach.

I'd say it would apply in starship combat if you are damaged by an area attack. I'm a little rusty on the starship combat rules right now, but I don't remember there being very many area attacks. Still, it would be a very fun talent to have, especially later on when you start facing squads.

beeblebrox, you had sent a link to use a character sheet that you described as 'clunky/slow'? (I haven't looked at that one yet.) I was wondering is there a reason to not use these sheets here? (That's what I used, and I think some others did too.) Do you still want use to use the other ones?

Oh, I thought you ment what I used to generate my gamemaster characters and such. The sheets here are great and the dice, language, and stat block functionality is invaluable. We will definitely be using the sheets on this site for actual gameplay.

Oh....Kiko definitely doesn't like being called Kiki.

On a more serious note, I am still finalizing my sheet.

Also sounds good to me.

I think I've got my sheet all done (if there are any changes needed, let me know). Blackphoenix and I have decided to share our backgrounds.

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