Introductions and Icecapades

A gentle push sends the halfling the rest of the way through the door. Vicky follows through and Guan is next to go. When Jared is pushed through, it leaves Hurm and Allyria standing in a pitch black room. They are likely to be eaten by a grue...

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Allyria managed to follow ZhuGuan Yu through. This leaves Hurm alone in the dark. for a pound.

Hurm follows and enters the likely "one way" entrance.

The dark entrance is left cold and quiet. It's dank halls will once again be visited by other players in the great contest, but for now the oversized dungeon has been fed it's meal. Now it simply has to chew them up, and digest what is left.

Welcome player's to the World's Largest Dungeon.... hope you survive!


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