Aleandar OOC III

YAY! That would make everything move much faster. Also, since we leveled on day... 6? We get two more levels right? JK. But that would be funny to be EPIC when the showdown happens.

Report on the battle with Omega-
I lost after he started using Psionics. In the end it took him about 9 rounds to buff up into a 6 armed creature with an attack bonus equal to my touch AC. He never touched me till then. Oh and 8 astral constructs...

It might just be you at this point, so feel free to act. I promise you will be rewarded appropriately if you complete it without help.. (unless DB smacks me for it)

Im still here. Quite busy though, so im inactive on almost every game. You still running all your games?

Similarly, I had an all night party on friday so ive been busy. Then I had work and havn't had time to check my massive amount of games. Ill get back on it soonish.

Heads up, Kansa is back. So im going to need to retcon what Belar says about the spider mage.


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