Uhlsdor's Escape Thread

Uhlsdor finds himself in front of the magic lab. The door is sealed at the moment. Uhlsdor can hear two Surok'Hai just around the corner, apparently guarding the vault. They are talking in low tones about where you might be headed.

Uhlsdor does not hear Sszlak at the moment, but he is often in the Magic Lab.

Uhlsdor jumps into the air and activates his innate levitation. To the casual observer he would seem to perform a jumping sommersault and then suspend upside down about eight feet up. He holds the rapier at the ready and is prepared to cast a holding spell.

That is awesome

The guards continue talking. They appear to be stationary just around the corner. Uhlsdor recognizes the voices as both half-fiend drow Surok'Hai. They are amongst the more respected guards, though their talking aloud indicates an overconfidence in their abilities.

Uhlsdor levitates higher still, until his feet touch the ceiling. He then continues towards the Magic Lab, prepared to throw a holding spell if necessary.

With levitate to keep up him up, and his feet against the ceiling to propel him forward, he should be able to move. Perhaps at 1/2 speed? What do you think?

Uhlsdor reaches the door to the magic lab (upside down). The door is shut and no sound is coming from beyond the door.

Uhlsdor knows this room is heavily fortified against magical accidents (the wall being unusually thick) and the door is quite sturdy. He is uncertain what magical defenses are present, but can safely assume it is even more thoroughly warded than the alchemical lab was.

Uhlsdor keeps an eye out for guards and then lowers himself enough to inspect the
let me know if I need more rolls to attempt to bypass further wards. I don't know how Rogues do it, but supposedly they can.
Dice Roll: 1d20+16 1d20+16
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 33)
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 33)
locking mechanism.


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