Mirabella's Arrival

"That may be, that may be," Yemin replies, "Let me look in the back and see if I can find it."

He puts his books down on the counter, and shuffles into the back room again. You can just see him rummaging around in a stack of papers on a messy desk. A few seconds later, he returns, carrying a piece of paper and two thick textbooks.

"Ah, Ms. Weaver, I have found the letter. You look like you'll be a great fit for our fine school of theoretical theurgy. Here, you just need to sign this paper, and you'll be ready to start classes tomorrow." He pushes a piece of paper towards you.

Admission FormI, Mirabela Weaver, agree to abide by the rules and ordinances of both the city of Magada and Magada University. I promise to be an upstanding citizen and to only use my magical abilities for research in a controlled environment.
(applicant signature)

Mira signed the form with some trepidation. She needed a good cover here in town, and learning some magic couldn't hurt. She was going to have to be extremely careful about when and where she used her skills.

"There you are sir. What's Next?"

"Here are your books, Ms. Weaver," He hands her two books, "The first is Warren Blake's Study of Theoretical Majicks, written by one of our very own professors. The second is 'The Philosophy and Ethics of Magic in a Controlled Environment', written by one of our retired professors. All the classes use one, or both of those books. Supplemental materials can be found in the library, or bought at the many bookstores on University Avenue. All you want credit for a class, talk to the professor to see what you'll need to do. But, most of our students take classes just for the fun of learning. Good luck." Yemin smiles and turns to head back to the back room.

Mira takes her books and thanks the man politely. She needs to find a place to stay for her studies. She assumes they have a dormitory of some kind here, or she could rent out a room for a while.

She steps outside searching for a dorm or a passing student to ask.

Evening is arriving, and the grounds have cleared even more. The few students left are heading in the direction of the gates.

A female gnome is just leaving the library when she spots you exiting the admin office. She smiles and waves at you, as she walks in your direction.

The gnome is dressed in a bright yellow dress richly embroidered with silver and gold stars. "Hi! I'm Periwinkle Tinker!" She shifts her books to one arm and half-curtsies, giggling, "I'm guessing you just got here. I've been here for six months so far, and I think this place is great. There's so much to learn that I don't think I'll ever go home. So what's your favorite thing to study? I like mechanical things, but magic can be so helpful sometimes. Just studying it helps me think of ways to make better machines. It's so awesome!"

Mira is almost stunned by the flurry of words and energy that came out of this small person. She composes herself.
"Hi there Periwinkle. My name is Mirabella, but please call me Mira. Yes I'm new here, just signed up a few minutes ago. I don't really have a favorite area of study yet, I haven't been here long enough to take classes. I'm actually looking for a place to stay. I haven't had enough time to find a place."

"Oh, well there's space with my family, if you don't mind living in a tiny house. But you're little like us, so I guess it won't be a big deal. My mom is actually looking for a border after my brother got married and moved out. My mom thinks I should get married too, but right now, school is my life. Anyway," Periwinkle pauses for breath, "I guess we can ask my mom if you can have my brother's room. Maybe we can even take classes together and study together! There's not a lot of girls at this school, I'm sure we'll have a whole lot of fun together!"

Mira wasn't sure she wanted to stay with this tiny ball of energy. She checked her pockets for gold. She found a few coins but not enough to sustain her for long. She would have to take her up on the offer.

"That would be great Periwinkle. As long as it's not too much trouble of course. I wouldn't want to burden your family any by my presence."


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