Part 1: Cato Neimoidia

"The Hutt are all about profit." IG-198 reiterates what it said earlier. "They will use you in whatever way makes them the most credit. They respect strength and exploit weakness."

The combat droids sensors turn to the Jawa. Calculating from previous actions and comments it believes it knows why Khen is acting as he is. And although the Jawa is not to be trusted, Khen could be valuable on a mission such as this. The droids processors throw up a statement that IG-198 does not fully understand the connotations of, but seems to have a good chance of improving the Jawa's mood.

"Jawa, the Hutt have slave girls. Many slave girls."

"And they're always looking for more, which is what worries me." Tavi mutters to herself in the back.

Responding to Tavitha, Hopla says, not unsympathetically, "The risk is great, for all of us. I have little to lose, so it is easy for me to fight. Only you can decide if the risks you must take are worth it."

To the group he says, "I do not think we have enough credits to bribe the Hutt, especially to reveal imperial secrets. That only leaves infiltration. Unless there are other ideas."

Khen perks up a bit at what IG says, but perks up more at what Tavitha says. He begins staring at Tabitha without realizing that he is doing it. He can't help but imagine her in a very skimpy slave girl suit... though in his mind it looks just like Mist's outfit.

"Robot, do they rent them out?"
Khen asks of IG-198 ignoring the rest of the conversation currently, and not taking his eyes off of Tavitha.

"I am not a robot. But I do believe some of the Hutts slaves were rented out to those willing to pay." The IG droid turns to Hopla. "Yes, it is common for a prize to be offered. However, it is not common for any but one in the Hutt's employ to win it."

"The Hutt himself may not be open to bribery," proclaims the Ubese. "But I doubt he runs his operation himself. Find the worst paid minion and you find the weakness in the chain."

Harrot shakes his head. "But that is neither here nor there, we should find the Hutt first. I can make inquiries once we reach Cato Neimoidia."

Tavi caught the little Jawa staring at her out of the corner of her eye. At first she just dismissed him and continued to listen, but eventually got slightly creeped out by the unwelcome attention. The young jedi stared back at Khen and pierced him with a gaze that could melt carbonite. "If you don't stop staring at me I'll make you regret the moment you ever stepped foot off your planet."

"Oohhh.... I like it when women force me to regret something..." Khen gets more excited.

The admiral listens to all of the ideas, "Very good ideas. I see no reason that infiltrating the Hutt's court under guise of gladiators would entirely fail. Perhaps as mercenaries looking for work, willing to battle or audition as gladiators? You could put forth Hopla, IG-198, Harrot and Ereth as gladiators with little to no effort. No offense mean to you Tavitha or Khen, as I'm sure you are each capable enough. What Harrot says is true, finding the Hutt is the first step. We have only traced him to Cato Neimoidia, where he has set up since the War ended, it seems." He nods, in approval of the brainstorming going on.

R5-B8, standing near IG-198 lets our a super fast burst of


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