Battle Thread

D'you like my monster's angry face? I would shake in fear, yes I would! Also, I hope the colored ones - you guys - are self-explanatory. I decided to put initials on them this time.

Damage has been done! Xeran takes 26 points of damage and Cady takes 13 damage from the lightning bolt of wicked evil McNastiness! Both of you have taken massive damage and can't act this round... Sizzle quietly in a corner for me now, m'kay?

Zal did do things, don't worry, I just didn't write about them. So there. He was, however, struck by an arrow for 6 damage. You're getting off lucky, so no complaining.

Initiative is here:

Kalem = 21
Xeran = 17
Sel = 13
Zal = 12
Maloria = 8
Cady = 7
Evil Wicked McNasties = 6

The map has been updated!
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Sam is currently still putting on armor. It takes 5 rounds. She'll be along, though whether or not the fighting will be over by the time she finishes is unknown.

Waiting on a response from Sel, actually. ^_^

I'd love to join you, but Sam doesn't have enough hp left to want to run into a fight without armor. Won't be terribly upset if the fight is over before she gets there though. Of course, if I had realized that there was a balcony, she would have just gone and shot from there without bothering with the armor. <<shrugs>>

And then... she might have died. Cause the soldiers have lots of archers with them and arrows can travel up quite well. ^_^ It's probably best that Sam is busy elsewhere instead of becoming a pincushion. I like Sam too much for that to happen. I might actually have made a frownie face when she died!

The battle is over. Experience will be rewarded once I get my computer back, so either tonight or tomorrow.

I again apologize if it seemed like this battle was dominated by NPC's. There were a few specific reasons this battle happened and they have been accomplished. In many battles, the challenge is to kill the other side. In this one, it was merely to survive. I hope it wasn't disappointing for all of you. The heavy hand of the DM will soon lift and we'll be back to the freedom we all cherish. I just find myself moving us along quickly to match the erratic schedule of one of our players for reasons that will become clear.

I just typed a whole paragraph and I don't think I said a thing in it! w00t!

Back to the OOC thread for posting. =)

3rd level spell to heal Sam

Dice Roll: 3d8+14
d8 Results: 3, 3, 4 (Total = 24)

That should help. If it's too low I'll add a couple of first level spells as well.

EDIT: Let me add another two.

Dice Roll: 1d8+5
d8 Results: 1 (Total = 6)

Dice Roll: 1d8+5
d8 Results: 5 (Total = 10)

EDIT 2: Total of 48 hp healed. That sounds good.

Ooh ooh! I want to roll some dice...hmmm...

Unable to find any characters in game 633

Wow, I don't think Sam can fool Sel with that.


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