Walking home

The masked figure on the right returns each attack from the large foe and connects once, while the foe's attacks do not come close to connecting. The masked one takes a 5 foot step to the side, drops into a
can make a roll to ID it
stance and opens up on the larger foe with 1 attack that misses, then switches to the smaller foe and 6 more attacks slam into it all over its form, the masked one dances around it at speeds that it cannot hope to follow. All connect with the smaller foe as it is pounded like a slab of meat on a butcher's table. It's attacks seem to be stable, hitting with exact placement on the body where openings happen and at the end of this attack the form starts to fade from view a tangle mess of ichor and goo.

The other masked figure speeds into action just as fast as the other, Glowing cubes of energy engulf the huge thing while it dances around it throwing kicks and fists into its wax-like body. It also falls to this assault of speed but unlike the other thing, this beast explodes blowing apart the roof of the building where they fight. When the dusts from this clears the two masked figures brush off the rubble and other than a few pieces of wood sticking out of them seem none the worst for the explosion. With the two lesser targets dealt with easily, they bring their attention back to their primary target, which would be the floating Veir.

The concussive wave stopped just short of Veir Aleandar.

~ * ~

More stuff happens in an almost behind the scenes sort of way.

~ Round Two ~
31) Veir -
30) Za'al'kho'xyl the Forgotten -
25) ? -
24) ??? -
24) ?? -
18) ????? -
9) ?????? -
~ * ~

31) Veir - did stuff, threw a dagger that missed
30) Za'al'kho'xyl the Forgotten - manifested - exploded!
25) ? - delays until the top of Round Two, with the option to interrupt the delay if something OMG happens.
24) ??? - drops Z III
24) ?? - missed by a dagger throw, drops Z IV
18) ????? - delayed
9) ?????? - did something
Round One

Veir rushes forward at the two men, primal rage swelling his blood. His sword moves like it has a mind of its own, striking out repeatedly at his foe.

Before Vier charges another masked person is seen by a shop window fires one arrow that hits a nearby building which causes another shell of null magic to wash over Vier, right after 3 black tipped arrows sink into Vier's side before he rushes forward. Vier seems to be unaffected by the attacks tho some blood runs from the arrow wounds.

As Vier slams his sword into the masked one from 20 feet away, the mask one punches into the air and Vier feels a fist into his ribs and flips back to 30 feet, which does not save him from 2nd attack which he takes and returns then moves to 40 feet away.

heh the 58 doesnt come close?

Also once outside Null effect(after 1st hit) AC goes up by 10

Despite the quick movements of his skilled foe, Veirs body stretches out, and slams shot after shot into the dodging masked being, before finally seeing it laid low.

Immediately his eyes begin scanning the area for more enemies.


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