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The trigger could have simply been "rendered unconscious' or 'rendered helpless' which would cover death too.

Anyway, the plot appears to have been foiled, so it's all good. It is a pity Azla didn't get to try and assassinate him though. She'll probably fade from the scene now, being an NPC and all. Her mission is done, but feel free to continue competing with your character.

You sure you want to quit? I could probably throw you to card 20 something...lol

Yep, she's done. Time to slip away before she's discovered as a doppelganger. There's other people to kill and other plots to foil, all to the glory of House Arabani!

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It should still be subject to the problems with the Faerzress. Drowbane should make him roll a spellcraft check.

In any case, the dispell wall should still have effected it. This from the WoTC site on Craft Contingent Spell:

If the bearer of a contingent spell is the target of dispel magic, the contingent spell might be permanently dispelled (but not triggered), as if it were an active spell in effect on the target creature. In an antimagic field, contingent spells are temporarily suppressed as all other magic items are.

In the meantime, Azla is trying to get there to collect a blood sample from the ground or see if he dropped anything....
Is there a dispel roll for the Wall? I'll notify Wrathgon to roll his spellcraft.

I don't think so all he said was unless they can beat a CL 40, they are dispelled, permanent spells (such as say...contingency) are suppressed for 24 hours. Though he said he was treating craft contingency spell as a magic item, so it was not subject to the wall...

Posting here to politely and officially resign from this game. Nothing personal... it just never turned out to be what I thought it was going to be.

If anyone is interested in further elaboration, feel free to contact me via PM.


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