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Fight Club Round III: Bada**es

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Who wins?
Marv 6 42.86%
Rambo 7 50.00%
Draw 1 7.14%

Fight Club Round III: Bada**es

Marv (Sin City) Vs Rambo (Rambo Series)

Terrain Types:
  • Boxing Ring (Bright Lights)
  • Bustling City Street (Night time)
  • Forest (Night time)


None (And none needed!)


Each has one ranged weapon (Gun-Handgun)
Each has one melee weapon (Machette)

Technology Level

1990's technology and timeline

My Vote:

Marv. If you've watched Sin City you'll know why.

Previous Results:

Boxing Ring probably goes to Marv because he's just that tough (assuming that it's a fistfight, because a firefight in a boxing ring is just silly), Forest is Rambo's domain (he's sneakier), I don't know how to call the City, but I'm inclined to give Marv the edge, cause he probably calls in allies.

I don't know enough about either to make a call, myself. Probably goes to the one who opens fire into a crowded street first.

Originally Posted by leons1701 View Post
Forest is Rambo's domain (he's sneakier)
But remember the forest around the farm. He was able to set up traps and capture Kevin, so I'd say Marv owns the forest as well.

Rambo pulled ahead. Interesting.

I was hoping for a Marv win. Dammit. Next Fight Club in one hour!


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