Non Sequitur

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I win!

other then me?

From the ashes of the matter-antimatter collision that was Noah and Baldor's posts, I pluck the still-smoking win for my own.

*Aethya turns up in a black suit and sunglasses with a bunch of other agents*

"Our organisation is here to protect you all from the the paranormal activity and alien threats to this thread, we shall take the Win to a safe stronghold where it will be investigated and forgotten by the populace."

You've all just had your memories wiped

"Theres nothing going on here, clear the area. This thread is now OFFICIALLY closed."

As Baldorian agents tackle Danny to reclaim the unstable win for analysis

See, Aethya's method of winning might have actually worked, except for the lack of capability to actually pull off the thread closure.

I, on the other hand, can.

Therefore, I win.


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