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When you are logged in you should also accept the invite to the game on your user control panel. If you want to use the sheet dice tags, you'll need to open the character sheet I made and save it. Then go create a new sheet and upload what you saved, then from your Sheets page add that to this game.

To help me keep track of The Plan:

- R5 and IG to contact Switch for help, en route to Cato N. or once there: hoping for cover story, intel on hutt, etc.
- Once on Cato N. Harret will use skills/contacts to gather more info (specifically seeking someone in hutt's employ we can bribe or coerce).
- Ereth Izon will act as gladiator for us, if need. We also know there are teams of gladiators.
- Bringing explosives, climbing gear, and 2 speeder bikes.

If I am missing anything lemme know and I'll edit this post.

Contacting Switch will wait until you break hyperspace, or even land, as the Banshee doesn't have a hyperspace retriever.

So far, nobody has tried to get any gear successfully.

There are two speederbikes.

Since you have a party of many characters, I'd suggest, if going the gladiator route, to use as many combatants as you have and feel comfortable fighting as a gladiator team. (I'd choose, Hopla, IG, Ereth, and Harrot then let Khen & Tavitha handle the social stuff, or buff during the match)

Other options I've seen for finding the hutt along the same vein, mercenary crew looking for work.

Hopla is only proficient with simple weapons and lightsaber. He can't use his light saber (in the arena), but could use mundane melee weapons--aren't they simple weapons? If fighting with vibroblades etc., then he would be at big disadvantage (nonproficient).

I asked ooc in the other forum, but will ask here--how many can the speeder bikes carry?

Also, what happened with attempting to acquire explosives and any kind of climbing gear or other devices to help us move around on cato n? Are there hover belts or other things we could use on the mountainous terrain to get around?

What about a jetpack? If any of the others has money and thinks it a good idea, we might be able to use one of those. Can we add that to the list for Tavitha to seek at the quartermaster?

Feel free to call her (tavitha) in game or head to the quartermaster yourself.
I think a jetpack is 300 and has 10 charges. (can look it up if anyone actually wants one)
The speederbikes are made for one, but can carry two at a disadvantage (like in RotJ on Endor).

Khen and I haven't quite finished up his mods, his might seat two by the time we're done.

Hopla would be at -5 with a vibro weapon. He could use a sword proficiently or even a stun baton.

Going to give SEAL the rest of today to post before advancing. We can retcon in if Tavitha actually was able to get or decided to buy any gear off the quartermaster when he returns. He was last logged in on the 18th.

SEAL has info about the quartermaster visit in his Experience private thread.

Nah, he said something about working for border patrol or something awhile back (or was that somebody else in another game), could be back in the field or something. It says he logged in the 18th, but he last posted here on the 8th.

Ok, last bit of planning time before I drop you on the planet on Monday, unless active planning is underway.

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