Ben'allar do'Rovney Thelliss d'Camcarneyar

Status: went missing roughly one year ago (during the time of the Mechanus mission to gather the Formian Queen).

Ben'Allar is originally from the underdark city of Ched Nasad, where he was a houseless drow who ended up in the middle of an altercation between House Thelliss and House Santigar: the short version is two minor nobles of those two lowest houses got into a fight. The house Thelliss lordling was about to die, and Ben'allar saved him. To reward him, they made him a part of House Thelliss, and then financed his way out the city to save his life. Hence he is now in Menzo.

Minor house is still a noble house, and he used his new name to work in the system in Menzo as a "do a bit of everything" kind of guy. As it pertains to House Camcarneyar, he's been a paid informant, an information gatherer, a minor functionary, an aprentice spellcaster, and finally his current post as Majordomo, a position he enjoys immensely.

Items of note:
- Ben'Allar dresses in all white, including white cape, gloves, boots, and a white androgynous mask. Only his lips and hair can be seen, and only the former are not white (they are natural black). Yes, he's been seen with his mask off, and he's very comely-looking, but he says the mask helps people speak to his intellect, and not his appearance.
- Ben's only companion is a female high elf, with no eyes (they were removed), who is always completely naked and on a leash.
- Ben likes to collect books, and has a significant collection of them in his library/sitting room.