The First of Many

The Wrap-Up....

Vicky tries to cry out in pain as the tentacle hits her, but she has no air in her lungs to make any sound with. She wheezes as she tries to pull in some fresh air. A hint of desperation is starting to form in her mind.

"I've had enough of this," Jared growls, his voice oddly devoid of emotion. He scampers up the room, and again flicks his rod sending another stream of dark shadows at the monsters. However, as soon as the shadows leave the rod they seem to thin and disperse. Jared slaps it against the palm of his free hand. "What is wrong with this thing!" Although he knows he is letting his emotions interfere with his 'magic' it feels good to blame it on something else.

ZhuGuan blinks a few times as vision comes back to him and shakes the fog from his head. As soon as his eyes are able to focus he runs for his glaive and for another shot at the monstrosity. John Clarke knows that Guan is back without having to even look. The smell gives that away. The massive amounts of sweat just pouring from ZhuGuan sprinkle droplets in front of him as he runs forward, causing the half-elf to slip and skid. He nearly falls, but catches himself. He never manages to strike the creature as he had intended.

John shakes his head to trying to ease the discomfort in his stomach. The proximity of ZhuGuan Yu doesn't help him at all. "I'm not going to have a flying octopus make a fool out of me." John swings his sword with all his might at the ferocious floating beast. Perhaps he spoke too soon, because he misses the large target.

No. Not yet,' she steeles herself. She can feel her body pulling from all her reserves, readying itself for the next attack. As she does so, she can feel the spirits close by. She mentally 'tugs' at them and 'sends' them to Hurm, allowing him to pull from his own reserves.

From the back of her mind, a saying from the surgeon room comes to her mind. 'There is no luck, there is only us.'

Allyria frowns, watching as the beast slaps his tentacles into her fine feathered friend. Another high pitched scream escapes her elven mouth, partly out of panic. The sound waves blast forward into the disgusting monster, but in her panic she does not focus the blast to do enough damage to hurt the creature. This time her power seems to have no effect on the creature.

Jack gives a very dragonborn snarl, but inside he's quite enjoying himself, even as he's getting hurt. Where's fighting BEEN all my life?! The dragonborn's sword rips deep into the already hurt creature. Jack dives out of the way as he brings the beast to the ground. It's tentacles flip and flop around for a moment as it bleeds out and dies....


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