Physical Description
Towering over even the tallest drow, this purple-skinned, tentacled aberration sticks out like a sore, brain-eating, thumb around Menzo. The illithid wears a dark gray veil, from behind which only a pair of burning red eyes can be seen, even "his" tentacles tend to remain behind this facade. Nothing else about "his" gear seems to be remarkable except for the small constellation of ioun stones constantly floating around "his" head.

Short Background
Not a great deal is known about this terrible creature's background, not even by Matron Camcarneyar; however, what can be assumed is that "he" came from a preexisting illithid community from where he was either exiled or fled for a different reason. What is known about Gthshulaj among members of the house is that "he" has served the house for a very, very long time. Possibly even before the current matron ascended to power. Gthshulaj is a learner and keeper of secrets and Matron Camcarneyar has never had to deal with any serious conspiracies within her own house with the illithid around. While "his" presence is unnerving most members of the house have become accustomed to the constant mental probing that they feel when "he" is around, what disturbs people the most is the fact that this illithid is very stealthy and observant and always seems to just be showing up or vanishing.

Other Notes
Gthshulaj is sometimes accompanied by a drow male. He is an unremarkable commoner who has some skill in casting spells and swordplay, even though nobody ever remembers seeing him at either Melee-Margarthe or Sorcere. He is not even important enough of a figure in a city such as Menzo to even warrant asking for a name; however, Gthshulaj sometimes refers to him as Mashek, but one must assume that a creature that can speak privately with telepathy has an exterior motive for speaking out loud where others can hear.

For an unknown reason, Arcane Spells never seem to work quite right around Gthshulaj except those cast by spellcasters of at least moderate skill.
DC 29 Concentration check for arcane spells to work in "his" presence.

Also, for ease of communication Words that are bold and gray are speech and words that are bold, gray, and italicized are telepathy.

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