Oh, Rats!

Oh, Rats!

ZhuGuan listens to Snap-On as he joins Allyria and Jared in the next room. They seemed disinterested in what Snap-On had to say. Perhaps they are still upset over whatever task they have been given to complete by their Sponsors. He turns around and watches the interaction with Snap-On from the other room as Jared and Allyria make their way towards the other opened door. After a short spiel, Snap-On finishes up with an odd phrase. He tells Vicky, Jack and John that their friends are being eaten by rats. It dawns on him suddenly that this was a warning. He turns around to shout something to Jared and Allyria, but it is too late.

ZhuGuan sees a swarm of black furred
rats pouring through the doorway. Allyria and Jared see them too. Their eyes are bright red, unnatural in color - almost glowing. They fur shows spots of red in it as well. They don't look like normal rats at all. They immediately swarm into the room, going after the Allyria first, but getting dangerously close to Jared. They almost seemed attracted to her as Jared would appear to be an easier meal to them based on his size.

The rats have taken an unnatural and unexplainable liking to Allyria and
Natural 1
missed her on purpose! Maybe its misplaced reverence or the aspect of master, or maybe its her flaming charisma, but to them her legs looks ripe for the humping!

Allyria - Eladrin Bard

Allyria screams as the rats start....well not really attacking her, but something far more disgusting. This dungeon is getting worse and worse. Reacting more on instinct than plan, she disappears from the room, reappearing like Nightcrawler but without the brimstone in the previous room.

"Wait till Jared and...Fu Man Chu get in here and then close the doors. There's really gross leg-humping rats in there."

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"It's just some rats. Besides, they seem to like you,"ZhuGuan jokes. Before retreating back to the echo room he risks trying to cull some of the rats . A single black feather, unseen by him, falls beside him as he strikes at the swarm.


'My friends are getting eaten by rats?' Vicky mind races as she turns towards the other room, only to have Allyria suddenly appear in front of her.

"What's happening?" she asks, obviously stressed out. The thought that another one of her few friends here might dissapear soon frightens her.


Jack readies himself for more combat. Rats? Man, this is, like, level 1 stuff for every RPG ever.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

Wait he said...Rat!! John realized that the others kept going when Snap-On appeared. Whats the worst rats can do


Seeing that John storms into the room, Vicky decides to follow him. She moves past Allyria and spots the swarm. 'A swarm of fiendish rats,' she thinks to herself, 'Why does it surprise me that I know so much about them?'

Positioning herself next to John, she recalls information she seems to have memorized in some other life. "These things are resistant to Cold, Fire and single-target attacks. Anything that hits an area is good," she calls out to the others. She has little choice but ignore her own advice as she strikes at the swarm, having little access to those kinds of attacks herself. As she strikes, she tries to send a spirit of life towards John.


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