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Name: Lieutenant Reynenja Cotts
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Class: (Unsure.... starting level will make this easier to answer)
Occupation: Military
Backstory: Reynenja was sent to a military naval academy at the age of 14 for a mixture of both his fierce devotion to causes and his fierce devotion to the "wrong" cause as his parents saw it. Reynenja wanted to lead men into battle, putting down enemy combatants without mercy, showing no quarter. It was their hope that time spent in a military academy would straighten out his personality and introduce him to more refined concepts of duty and honor. This unfortunately backfired, as his troublesome nature earned him an assignment under the eyes of former drill instructor PO1C Sterrandav Belll who recognized the fire of Reyenja as his own youth. His hand carefully pushed the boy into unarmed and ranged combat training, and lead him to an officer candidacy program.

Graduating from OCS with respected honors of service and training merit, Reyenja took his commission to fleet service as a squad tactical XO. He served in squad capacity foro five years before taking promotion to platoon oversight and field duties. Though never seeing direct combat himself, Reyenja continued studies in tactics and survival training top notch, though somewhat offensive, security and police forces. Eventually at the rank of Lieutenant, Reyenja began to build numerous minor gray marks in his record, and though none ever issued his release, few commanding officers wished him in their ranks and service. Finally, Reyenja requested his release from service with recommendation to private sector work. It took all of 2 months for clearance, but now Lt. Reynenja Cotts has taken a position with the ██████ Corporation (SHX Corp.).
Personality: As a child Reynenja Cotts was the butt of many jokes from the local bullies of his neighborhood. Though he would always try to fight back, he never had the upper hand in a fight; of course, none were ever fought with even odds. Slowly he grew despondent to emotion or help, either offered or to be given. He had seen the truth to the world, and knew that only through ruthless effectiveness would one succeed in any field. As he grew, he continued to fight and locked his thoughts into the cycle of "survival of the fittest" and the natural course of the destruction of weaker things. Though he brought upon himself much pain and injury, each was another chance for him to find out just how strong the rest of the world could be.

The pain he brought on himself also brought a strong hate for others. No matter how hard he continues to fight to better, he's never found himself to be suitable. He continues to strive for the most effective nature he can, be it by any means. He continues to grow full of spite for those who outshine him, but reluctantly accepts that their existence gives him more to work towards. Though less than friendly, this has led Reynenja to become quite devoted and loyal to those who prove a value to a goal.

Appearance: Through years of physical trials, Reynenja has grown quite athletic. Though strong for his size, and quite robust, he is proud to boast quite the fluid motion in combat. His toned body usually stays wrapped in a jump suit for space flight, strapped tightly to his muscular frame. He stands breaking six foot, nearer to a half than not, white short cut black hair and green eyes. (6'4 197lbs)

Name: Kismet
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Class: Smart Hero 3/Engineer 2
Occupation: Starship Salvage and Repair Technician, third class

Character Sheet Link

Backstory: "Kismet" is not - legally speaking - her given name, but given to her it was. She grew up an orphan in the grimy dockside district of L4 Majestic, an O'neill cylinder built (where else) in the 4th lagrangian point of an uninhabitable planet-moon system, itself orbiting a red dwarf star somewhere in the morass of colonized space. She has no memory of her parents, nor any intention of finding them. She considers her station rat peers and a few friendly dockworkers to be her family, but she's not the kind to keep in touch compulsively. Kismet will see you if she sees you. Rather than turn to petty crime or street drugs (as many in her position did), Kismet learned to wield a toolkit. She learned to wear a vacc suit. Some of the more superstitious dock crew came to the conclusion that she was good luck (she would say that she's careful, but did nothing to disabuse them of their opinion), hence her name. She likes it well enough. When she was 18, she signed a five-year contract with SHX, in exchange for which the company would finance her education (she wants to be a full starship's engineer).

Personality: Kismet isn't educated, but she's bright and she's competent. She's meticulous, she's careful, and she's precise. She's come from a pretty bad place, and as she sees it the difference between a good life and a miserable one is just a little carelessness. The same qualities that make her hard-headed and persistent do, of course, make her a little stubborn...but she figures that if you didn't want a job done her way, then you can go hire someone else. She's not too terribly hard to get along with, assuming that you don't mistake her terseness for rudeness or a lack of interest. It isn't so much that her work dominates her much as she's never really had the opportunity for a social life. She's nimble and co-ordinated more than she's strong, but life in the less savoury parts of an already-poor space station hasn't left her without the ability to handle herself in a fight. Given the choice, of course, she'd rather run and hide and live than lay down her life for a cause. No offense, but her hide is worth more than your precious ideals.

Appearance: Kismet's not the prettiest princess, but it's not like she cares. She doesn't own a lot (her contract pays out at the end, and otherwise she subsists on company rations and a small stipend). She wears functional clothes, and when she needs more functionality she sews/bolts/welds it on. She's 5'7" and just short of 130lbs

Name: Frank Nylie

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Class: (undecided, new to the system, still reading rulebooks)

Occupation: Security Guard

Backstory: Raised on a highly colonized planet in a crime-ridden urban neighborhood, Frank was the son of a white collar worker. His father repaired and maintained computer systems for a large medical facility in his home town. Wanting nothing more than to avoid the 9-5 lifestyle of his father, Frank enrolled in the military and made it all the way to basic training before washing out because of a bum knee. After being rejected by his local planetary law enforcement agency due to the same reasons, Frank began to lose hope that he would ever see any real "action". Frank's father, concerned his son would follow in the footsteps of the area's many career criminals, landed him a job as a security gaurd at the medical facility he worked at. Long hours, boring shifts, and sub-par pay made a local gang's request all too tempting. Frank began supplying the gang with information about shipments of drugs coming to the facility in return for a steady stream of cash and narcotics. Frank's only contact in the gang disappeared without warning one day, and another gaurd on the gang's payroll tipped him off that several members were arrested for drug trafficking, and their friends suspected he had something to do with it. Deciding it was time to get the hell out of dodge, Frank took the first contract that promised to take him far away from his home planet and offered the possibility of danger.

Personality: Frank grew up around a plethora of crime and violence. Frank's parents could be considered lower-middle class, and as a result he lived close to, but not in, the more crime ridden areas. Frank's parents made their best effort to shield him from the majority of the violence around them, but he still had exposure to it through the media and his friends. When he was 13, Frank and a friend were jumped by a group of teenagers on the street. While Frank was able to escape unscathed by running, his friend's body was later found beaten so badly that Frank could only ID it based on the clothes his friend had been wearing. That day would stick with Frank until the end of his life, and he often wondered how things might have turned out if he had acted differently. From that day on, Frank knew a burning desire to prove himself in combat, as well as a strongly held belief that anybody could die at any time for any reason, and that life was like constant series of dice rolls. Not coincidentally, Frank also aquired a deep appericiation of gambling and thrill seeking. Though he respected his father, Frank regaurded his career choice as wasted potential, and throughout his teenage years, explored his mischievous side, though he was careful to hide it from his parents. By the time he came of age, Frank regaurded the law as simply another obstacle or hoop to jump though on the way to attaining certain goals. He also reconized the power that those who enforce the law had, and wanted some for himself. This led to his rejection from both the military and law enforcement, which biterly colored his view of organized governemnt in most of its forms. Quick to become angry or frustrated and slow to trust, Frank's primary goal after his rejection by law enforcment was to save money and get off the rock he was born on so he could find other opportunities to prove himself in combat.

Appearance: Standing 5'9" and weighing in at 180 lbs, Frank is of average height and a fairly muscular physique. While not a body builder by any means, Franks previous ambitions involving the military and later law enforcement gave him good reason to stay in shape. It's been several years since those ambitions, however, and security gaurds aren't the most active people in the galaxy. Franks recent adjustment to the high-income (relatively high because of the bribes, compared to the area he's in at least,) and drug using lifestyle has contributed to a degredation of his stamina in general, although he remains more physically fit than most. Frank's brown hair is buzzed short and tight on the sides of his head, while he allows the top to grow a bit of length; Frank never lets his bangs grow long enough to obstruct the vision of his blue eyes, though. Frank has soft-set features that reveal his youth, but hide his true nature.

Name: Marc Kendall
Age: 29 y/o
Gender: male
Class: Tough 3/Strong 2
Occupation: Ex-Military: Infantry

Sheet Link:

Name: Subject 20
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Class: Strong3/helix warrior2
Occupation: Test Subject(Gladiator)
Backstory: Subject 20 was born in a deep-space laboratory. He was the only one of the original one hundred test subjects for project helix that survived to the forty week gestation period before birth. Project helix was a weapons project for the military that involved significant genetic modification to human subjects, which meant SHX corp. was ordered to run it completely black. Subject 20 grew up much stronger than normal children would be, with better endurance and dexterity. He once overheard one of the doctors say that all of his physical stats were around 60% above average.
His childhood consisted of daily training to shape him into the perfect warrior. When he failed at a certain task he was beaten, sometimes severely. Around the age of ten they had him begin fighting deathrow inmates, if he killed them he was given a drug that induced pleasure. If he failed he was shocked with a taser.
When he turned eighteen he was given a test in front of a military panel, he was tasked with killing five armed inmates with his bare hands in pitch black conditions. Thankfully, one of the genetic modifications was a natural form of night vision. In under a minute the inmates had been killed. He felt elation at the task, a by-product of the Pavlovian training he was given.
Two days later he in a room alone with someone, he had not seen this person before, "Subject 20, you have done great things for the company. Before we can call project Helix a success we have one final task for you. You will be linked up with a team and you are to follow their orders and their mission." A week after that he was being led through a starship to a briefing room.
Personality: Subject 20 does not display any kind of personality disorders, though this may seem odd given his upbringing. He seems detached from other people, though, as he has never learned how to interact with others. He is quiet and follows orders as well as he can but is unsure of what to do when left to his own judgement. If he has any aspirations, though, it would be that the Helix Project and all it's research would be destroyed so that others would not suffer as he had.
Appearance: At six foot four and two hundred and five pounds, Subject 20 is in perfect physical shape. He has blond hair, but since his head is shaved there is no way to tell other than his eyebrows. There is a bar code tattooed on the back of his head.

I imagine you want me too count the +18 before the profession rolls.
Dice Roll: 2d4+19
d4 Results: 3, 4 (Total = 26)
Wealth Roll (Level 1)
Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 15)
Profession Roll (Level 2)
Dice Roll: 1d20+6
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 8)
Profession Roll (Level 3)
Dice Roll: 1d20+7
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 8)
Profession Roll (Level 4)
Dice Roll: 1d20+8
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 24)
Profession Roll (Level 5)

Name: Alexander Kiros Rains
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Class: Smart 3/ Engineer 2
Occupation: Deep Space Starship Rescue Unit

Backstory: Alex was born on the deep space mining starship "Berial's Endeavor" as such he grew up a spacer at home in the vacuum of space and the cold steel hallways of his home. They rarely docked and when they did he was forced too stay on board and help with the loading process after all it was his mothers job as Quartermaster too over see the operations. When he was deemed old enough he began helping with the mining operations driving the earthmovers and other giant mining equipment. Despite his love for the big machines it was his curiosity and the burning need too understand how these massive things worked that truly sparked his interest.

Over time he became known as what they collectively called a "Tunnel Rat" one of the few people who would actually descended into the colossal craters they dug too secure mineral extraction devices, scaffolding and maintain the machines they used too grind up the huge chunks of rock formed by the blasting processes. It was this job that saved his life as the Tunnel Rats were finishing up a dig they got a distress call from "Berial's Endeavor" the entire transmission was scrambled but the words "Mayday,mayday mayday !" were all Alex could make out. The young 17 year old watched as the ships primary reactor detonated overhead sending the ship spiraling down 300 meters from there dig site. The ship was mangled and there own air supply was limited luckily a D.S.S.R unit was nearby if not for them even the dig crew including Alex would have died on that day.

Since then Alex has signed up too the D.S.S.R program hoping too save the lives of other people the same way they did for him. His first real mission is too accompany a recovery team working for SHX Corp despite there reluctance too allow a government payed and trained operative onto there ship they relented after the D.S.S.R threatened legal action for obstruction of a government sanctioned rescue operation a charge that encompasses treason and endangerment of human life very scary stuff indeed.

Personality: Alex is like all great thinkers meticulous, analytical and sharp as a razor but the twist is he's a total D-bag having spent most of his life on a ship he learned too trust few people. He is condescending, arrogant and generally a real ass but damn good at what he does making him a necessary evil despite this if you can prove too him you're worthy of his friendship a task very few have accomplished he gets better. He's strong willed and stubborn making him even more unbearable but not a person who is quick too panic or complain. (Imagine someone who needs a snickers bar really really really bad. :P)

Appearance: Standing in at 5'10 and 155 pounds he has a stereotypical tall and skinny build. His body is littered with scraps and bruises from his D.S.S.R training as a salvage engineer. His muscles are most certainly well defined but lack any sort of real beefy volume like the other soldiers in the rescue unit. His hair is a shaggy dark brown clashing with his bright green eyes and clean sharp facial features.

Sheet: (Gonna wait and see if I get in before I pick my equipment.)

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