Vel'drizyne Camcarneyar

Vel'drizyne Camcarneyar

Vel'drizyne Camcarneyar is the
I went all out on making her a "noble".
1) True Drow (MM version)
2) Drow Paragon 3
3) Lolth-Touched
4) Another template whose name means "Feudal Lord" in a foreign language and gives some cool leader abilities.
5) Highborn Drow feat
6) Lolth's Blessing feat
If I knew how to make her more pure bred, I would do it. Probably.
Eldest Daughter of House Camcarneyar. Her official title is Daughter Heir and should be refered to as "her Grace". She graduated Arach Tinilith third in her class, and was inducted into the Inquisition shortly afterwards. As a member of this small sect of Lolthites, Vel'drizyne is entitled to wear a special crimson tabard over her armor, or a crimson stole with her normal clerical vestments. Due to her elevated rank in both House and Clergy, she is always carries one of those dreaded snake whips and is not afraid to bring it to bear.

House Duties
She is the Mistress of Ceremonies and leads the House congregation through all but the most important of religious ceremonies and rites. In times of war she is expected to lead a portion of the House Army and bears a military rank just below that of Weapon Master. As a High Priestess of Lolth, Vel'drizyne is amongst the most powerful members of the Camcarneyar army.

Her Favor
Like many Nobles of this age, Vel'drizyne is predisposed to granting her favor to those who impress or otherwise amuse her. This favor is usually expressed as an spider carved from pure amethyst that bears the sigil of House Camcarneyar upon its belly.
If any of you want to use this idea.
Other Camcarneyar Nobles favor a different gemstone. Bearing Vel'drizyne's favor is almost entirely a boon to the bearer. Should such a bearer find themselves in trouble with another Noble of rank equal to or less than Vel'drizyne's, they can display and
just displaying the stone and using Vel'drizyne's name is usually enough to activate it
invoke the Favor and expect leniency for the offense. Of course this is not an absolute, sometimes the stone spider vanishes when presented, leaving the former bearer to face his fate or turns a dull black, indicating a sudden shift in attitude from the Camcarneyar Daughter Heir.

Her Entourage
Mourn is a short drow male of slender build. It is known throughout the House that he was defeated and captured by Vel'drizyne in a brief war of skirmishes with the City of Ched Nasad. He is fanatically devoted to the Daughter Heir is amongst her personal body guards. He uniformly goes about in crimson robes and wears a single edged, curved
katana, DB's stats
foreign blade in a scabbard at his belt. Vel'drizyne is usually accompanied by a number of hand picked drow warriors that are armed in the same manner as Mourn and armored in fiery red scalemail, whether or not her chief bodyguard is in attendance. Nuogshothet is one of the rare Ulitharid breed of mindflayers. He stands close to seven feet tall and has two long tentacles in addition to the normal four short tentacles of that race. Not much is known about him, other than that he is much younger than the other Ulitharid affiliated with the House.

Her Hobbies
In her spare time she can often be found in the House Dungeons, entertaining guests. Despite her quick anger, she rarely kills an opponent outright. She much prefers to render them unconcious and then have they dragged to the Dungeons for hours upon hours of amusement. Vel'drizyne's devotion to the fine art of torture has made her one of the most learned medical minds in Menzoberranzan.

Misc / Rumors
She is a talented Sava player. It has been noted by many within the House and the Academy that Vel'drizyne would have made a fine wizard had circumstances of her birth been different. It is said that Vel'drizyne can return life to the recently dead without the use of clerical magic. Others claim that she can kill just as easily.

The others raised the bar high for these "public backstory" things. I mine stacks up. I may add a little more as things come to me.

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