With my houserules I follow the example of Rev Pee Kitten, full time staff member of SJGames. They can be found at So we'll use them, with the following changes:

1. Secondary Attributes
Decreased secondary attributes do not count against the disad limit as long as they are not lowered below the human average. Costs are not changed from RAW.
13. Languages
Mostly skip on languages, additional languages (to english) are handled as perks.

Very Rapid Healing and Regeneration

I do allow finer granularity. If you want regeneration between the standard steps, use logarithms.

Example: You want to heal 2 HP per second. That's between Fast (1) [100] and Very Fast (10) [150]. Your cost is: 100 + log102*50 = 115. If you want to heal 3 HP/s your cost is 100 + log103*50 ~ 125 and so on.

For your example (2 HP/hr) it's: Between Regular [25] and Fast [50]: 25 + log602*25 = 29.

Why do I do it that complicated? Isn't the result the same as if you'd buy VRH? Well, for 2 HP/s it is... But it isn't for slower healing. With my formula you get ~10 HP/ hr for 40 CP in regeneration. Or 5 HP/hr for 35 CP. Or 2 HP/hr for 30 CP.

Basically it's just more elegant.

Power Modifiers:

There is a difference from Silverthornes game. I do NOT limit attributes to 20. BUT: ANY superhuman ability requires a power modifier. You buy IQ 20? Fine, you are the smartest human alife. You want to buy DX 25? 5 points of those 25 require a power modifier. And to make it worse: I change the % value of some of them (you'll understand the reason after the genre shift). I do allow the following power modifiers:

Biological -10% (careful with continuous abilities)
Chi -10%
Cosmic +50%
Elemental -10% (usually limited by the opposite element, discuss this with me please)
Nature -10%
Psionic -5%
Spirit -25%
Super -5%

If you choose your power modifier, please read carefully what problems you might face. And remember again: ANY superhuman power requires a power modifier. Some do have them included automatically. Like Magery which is automatically "magical" with no reduction. Oh if you miss magical ... anyone wanting to buy a magical ability should also buy Mana Enhancer. All others will need a power modifier for the superhuman part.

Multiplicative Modifiers

We do use the multiplicative modifier rules. So instead of adding up enhancement and limitation percentages, you count like this:

Base Cost * (100% + all positive modifiers) * (100 - all negative modifiers [max -80%])

Injury Tolerance (Diffuse)

includes No Eyes, No Head and No Neck. It just doesn't make sense to exclude them from Diffuse.

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