John Jacobs

That's very much appreciated. I prefer a rather light-handed style of GMing (let's see if I can handle it like this also), but this requires thatplayers accept my decisions. Which isn't to say that I'll not change my opinion when given a new perspective. But I think especially a "newbie GM" like m has to be careful to not allow strong willed players to dominate a game.

I genuinely know where you're coming from. I might ask for something, or state my opinion, but I've always felt that once the GM declares something, that's how it is. No point in arguing, because that just irritates everyone and doesn't change the result anyway, heh.

Just let me know if you have any other concerns, questions, suggestions, or demands, and I will happily meet them!

^ want to take a look at Kris rather "bland" power setup? Any ideas how to improve that Q?


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