Rose Starke

Heh, I get caught up doing other stuff for a day and everything changes. A few comments:

Since you asked, I'd say that Rose Quartz is about as good as she can . Building a brick on 500 points is hard. She takes damage very well, but I wouldn't get too carried away imagining feats of strength. Your upper limit is throwing a motorcycle, and that would do less significantly less damage than throwing a more reasonably sized projectile.

You're generally right about Strikers being different from ordinary limbs, but Martial Arts specifies that you can treat your limbs as Strikers with a -20% limitation. Still, Long Talons work just as well. Remember that because Rose Quartz is SM+1 they get Reach C, 1.

As a rule, weight is a feature in GURPS. I took a look at the issue on the gurps forums, and the general consensus seemed to be "take extra HP to reflect that weight". In Rose's case, using the damage to objects rules (B483) to calculate that.

I'm sure you don't want to hear me suggest you need another Injury Tolerance, but Homogeneous doesn't appear to include the benefits of No Blood, which you may want.

Finished the latest round of edits. I think the general powers and the "Quartz" form look pretty well finalized.

The final frontier is adding in anything appropriate for "Dusty." That template is now 237 points compared to 414 for "Quartz" -- which means I could add up to 177 points' worth of "goodies" to it without adding to the total cost of the character. Now, I don't want to throw in points just for the sake of it, but there is plenty of potential there for reasonable expansion.

My first thought is to get rid of the "No manipulators" disadvantage, so that "Dusty" can actually do things, albeit at very low ST levels. Parabolic Hearing might also make sense with the "distributed sensor net" concept. I'm contemplating raising the ceiling on Flight, but don't want to let Rose get too far away from the earth which powers her abilities (and besides, that has the substantial risk of forcing her to change back to human form in mid-air!). Certainly I could pile extra dice into Cutting Attack, but I find my suspension of disbelief already a bit stretched by the idea that a swirling cloud of invisible mica flakes could do six dice of damage to anyone in the first place.... Are there any other reasonable attacks or afflictions for such a tenuous entity to produce? Maybe it's also time to let Dusty share Quartz's Permeation ability?

Maybe a suffocation attack, or a blinding attack, there are lots of possibilities.

*nod* It's a good idea to keep her ceiling low. But don't hesitate to grant her some (alternate) powers. And no, 6d of damage isn't too much, don't worry.

And that may well be it. "Dusty" now costs 414 points -- exactly the same as "Quartz"! Specific changes are in the "edits" section of the post that begins this thread, with the complete listing above that.

As always, I welcome comments, suggestion, and criticism. It's kind of giddy, working with this many points at once!

Did you take into account that any ST above 20 NEEDS a power modifier? That's a minimum of 5 CP but if you apply super earth (-15%) to all 18 ST points it can easily be 27 CP.

Yep; her entire suite of powers -- including the general ones and the two alternate forms -- has the -15% limitation for Super and Elemental (Earth). Basically, should she ever become cut off from her power source, she becomes an entirely normal girl, back to the 150-point character sheet.

Well, that was one more round of edits, to fix a few inconsistencies I found while putting together some stat blocks. Putting all the pieces together is a great way to make sure each form "hangs together."

I've now edited the original post to include a complete write-up of each form, to avoid mistakes or mis-placements in play. The last thing to do is probably to clearly write up all the stats for Dusty's Cutting Attack; I'm just resisting because I so dislike Myth-Weavers' table support....


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