Leonard McKinsey

Gotcha. What I did was, indeed, to spend a point to buy off the quirk in the alternate form(s). Glad we were thinking along the same lines.

Ha, then I'll leave it the way it is. buying off overweight for the invisible form is not very useful. I was thinking along the lines of the spiderman 1 movie where peter parker got more muscular the day after he was bitten by the spider. I'll use the cp earned after the first adventure for that.

Edited my last template post. Leonard now has no encumbrance on his invisibility form. I added the perk that his T-shirt and boxer-short become invisible too. Should that be that specific T-shirt and boxer-shorts or will any do?

*snicker* I'm sorry, that would be the supersuit perk. Which I explicitely disallowed. So I'm sorry, as long as you don't have someone make a supersuit for you, you'll either have to take extra encumbrance, or better ... live with walking around as invisible perv.

A "supersuit" in this case is easy (and once your char figured it out, I'll gladly allow the perk): without extra encumbrance, your body basically only makes invisible form fitting thin clothing, so yeah, a spandex suit is in order.

So please take this only as a temporary problem. The base problem is the same for everyone: you don't know that you have been supered, and have to find ways to work with it.

You really are cruel to Leonard. My only argument pro perk is that he was wearing the boxer short when the explosion hit and is was also on his mind when the transformations took place. So it makes sense from a story perspective (actually, more sense than a hulk's trousers). I was planning to exchange it for a proper supersuit in time. Leonard didn't like being dressed in boxer shorts at all.

If I go for no-encumbrance +10%, Leonard can directly carry 120 kg with him, which doesn't fit.

^ oooow, I'm not cruel to Leonard only. Don't worry, you'll get your supersuit, but read what I wrote in the questions thread. You are always free to "glaze over" the awkward moments, but then you don't get additional CP.


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